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David Nalbandian and the Video Games

10-18-2005, 11:48 AM
yeah I wanted to make a post of some tennis games in which you can play with david nalbandian for those who are interested.

Virtua Tennis World Tour (For PSP)

Roland Garros 2005 : Powered By Smash Court Tennis (For PS2)

if you know other games :wavey:

10-18-2005, 02:06 PM
oh really?
I can not play it !
Feel so bad!

10-18-2005, 04:34 PM
Jaja! It's too bad the copy... It has nothing to do with David! Even in his nose! jaja! It's new! I'm going to get it!! thanks!

Yani :wavey:

Sakura 0101
10-18-2005, 07:13 PM
I'm not sure it is available in Japan :sad:
btw, David in this picture is :confused: :tape: :lol:
Anyway, have fun guys !! :)

11-22-2005, 07:09 AM
Are there any PC Games? I haven't got a PS2.

06-24-2006, 12:36 AM
I bump the thread for a new game ;)

Virtua Tennis 3, will be released in 2007 for PS3 and XBOX360
Already released for Arcade but only in Asia i guess

Unfortunately I couldn't find pics of nalby - well only a small pic from the official website - in the game but here are examples of the incredible realistic graphism of the game !!

07-02-2006, 08:27 PM
New pics of VT3 with david :

07-03-2006, 12:36 AM
New pics of VT3 with david :

These are very similar to him. But Blake looks too white.

07-05-2006, 05:14 PM
more ingame pics (don't know what you think about them but i can't wait to play this game :cool: )

08-04-2006, 08:36 PM
this game is not for PC??????

08-06-2006, 05:19 PM
this game is not for PC??????

Well i come back from my holydays and i saw that Virtua Tennis 3 is now announced for PC, Playstation 3, PSP and Xbox 360 :) good news !

09-13-2006, 09:46 PM
Hi there, here are some new screens of VT3. No high quality screens of our david but i think -hope- it will come someday ;)

Enjoy ! :wavey:

01-15-2007, 02:59 AM
Hi again :o
Sega finally sent some screens of VT3 with david so i hope you will enjoy them ! Official release date : March 2007

Sakura 0101
06-24-2007, 03:24 AM


Until you can see REAL David on Wimbledon, enjoy this :lol:

06-24-2007, 09:58 AM
:lol: Thanks sakura :)

06-24-2007, 10:25 AM
Ohhh thank you sakura, I wanted to post this one but I totally forgot :)

This one is on PSP ;)

09-14-2007, 05:40 AM
Today new game with David. It's the xbox 360/ps3 version of Smash Court Tennis 3 (the last screens posted by sakura)

No date announced for the release but check the pics ;)

Sakura 0101
09-14-2007, 06:35 AM
Wow! very realistic.:eek:

10-19-2007, 10:53 PM
Nice screens! but it will be hard to beat vt3!

10-20-2007, 01:30 AM
Virtua tennis 3 has way far better graphics

10-20-2007, 08:54 AM
Virtua tennis 3 has way far better graphics

Agree, VT3 is the best tennis game at the moment :)

12-14-2007, 05:14 PM
Hi everyone !

I just saw the pics PAM Dev sent concerning Top Spin 3, I was :eek:

So I let you see by yourself :p

04-09-2008, 11:32 AM
Hi again !

So here we go with the video games news !
Concerning 360/ps3 version of Smash Court Tennis 3, I couldn't find any news, knowing it was said to be released at the end of 2007, I assume the development was canceled.

Know let's speak about active development, with the really expected Top Spin 3 which will be released on May 23th for 360/ps3/Wii/DS, PAM gave the list of the featured players, it's a very nice list which contains our favorite David, but you must know that each platform will have exclusivity on some players. For example, Nadal is officially an exclusivity of the ps3 version. Yeah I know it's stupid

Here is the full list :

# Mario Ancic
# Tomas Berdych
# James Blake
# Roger Federer
# Tommy Haas
# Justine Henin
# Svetlana Kuznetsova
# Amelie Mauresmo
# Gael Monfils
# Andy Murray
# Rafael Nadal*
# David Nalbandian
# Mark Philippoussis
# Andy Roddick
# Maria Sharapova
# Nicole Vaidisova
# Caroline Wozniacki


# Boris Becker
# Bjorn Borg
# Monica Seles

No pics available with david so I will show you another...

05-14-2008, 08:07 AM
Put your hands up for Nalby !! That's what came to my mind when I saw the last articles about Top Spin 3.

10 days remaining before it is released in France, but it looks like it will be delayed for June for the USA...

However I show you the lasts screens spread by the developpers, with nalby as the guest star !

:secret:and I was really looking for them






05-30-2008, 01:47 AM
Le quedó como sin cejas, ja