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NHL Saturday

10-15-2005, 06:04 PM
NHL YTD: 18-19-2 (-6.48 units)
ML: 9-11 (-10.3 units)
GL: 2-2-2 (-.13 units)
O/U: 7-6 (+3.95 units)

Slowly cutting the deficit down. Hopefully tonight will be another night in the comeback. Best of luck to everyone!!!!

4* Detroit Red Wings (-150) Over Phoenix Coyotes - Includes regulation, ot and shootout

Detroit comes in as one of the highest scoring teams in the league averaging 4.4 goals a game while defensively they've been quite strong conceding just 2.6 gpg. Detroit has put together a very nice start going 4-1 beating STL (2x), LA and CAL. Phoenix has struggled this season with just 1 win in there 5 games. But to there credit they've played very tough losing by just one goal in every one of those games. Just think Detroit is that much better then Phoenix. Joseph will be in net for Phoenix which is definetly a plus for them but Legace has played very well to date for Detroit.

1* New York Rangers (-145) Over Atlanta Thrashers - Includes regulation, ot and shootout

Fading the Thrashers and there 3rd string goalie Garnett. The Rangers have battled this season. I hate the makeup of there team but there first line has played very well this season. If they can get more production from the 2nd and 3rd lines they'll be a tough team to play. Also a big fan of Lundqvist in net. He's been impressive in my eyes during preseason and the regular season. We all know Atlanta got drilled last night. They gave Toronto way too many PP oppurtunities and tonight they face another solid PP team. Back to back nights here for Atlanta and facing a determined Ranger team doesn't bode well for the Thrashers.

1* Buffalo Sabers/Florida Panthers Under 6.5 (-162)

Two goalies who have been very good meet in this game. Miller has been solid in net for the Sabres giving up just 3 goals a game which in turn has helped Buffalo to a 4-1 start. We all know about Luongo and his brilliant start. 5 games and just 8 goals with 5 of them coming in just one game which was his last start. I look for Luongo too improve on that in this game. Worried a bit about Buffalo's speed here but I think this game plays to a 3-2 or 4-2 type game. Both goalies won't concede much here.

1* New York Islanders/Philadelphia Flyers Over 6.5 (-110)

Generally speaking I take the lower line when it comes to the half. I would normally take the 6 here but I feel these two teams will provide a handful of goals here. In net is Esche for the Flyers and Snow for the Isles. Snow played well against the Caps when filling in for the injured Dipietro. Esche has been very shaky this season and the rumors have already started that the backup netminder might take his job. Esche has a GAA of 4.59 in his starts. Philly has shown they are capable of scoring. In there 4 games this season 3 have gone over the 6.5 mark. For the Isles just two of the 4 have gone over this goaline but tonight they'll get 2-3 and I expect Philly to have 3 or 4 in this one at least.

1* Toronto Maple Leafs (+145) Over Montreal Canadiens - Includes regulation, ot and shootout

Toronto will look for a bit of payback against there rivals after dropping a 5-4 game to them already once this season. Toronto has put it together the last two beating a very good Flyers team and destroying the Thrashers last night 9-1. A little worried over the physical nature of last nights game. Alot of physical battle which could provide a letdown on back to back nights. Montreal has been excellent this season and I'm not denying that. Just think when we look at both teams if Toronto can continue playing the way they have the last two games they have the better team. Just think there is value in the Leafs win here. Theodore and Belfour are the expected goalies for tonight.

1* Nashville Predators (-145) Over St. Louis Blues - Includes regulation, ot and shootout

Nashville has just been a very gritty team this season. They are one of only two teams remaining that are undefeated. Four games and four one goal victories for this Predator team. Nashville is ending there 3 game road swing after already beating the Avalanche and Coyotes. Nashville is extremely talented and I had very high hopes for them this season and they seem like they will come to fruitition. I expected rough times for this Blues team this season. St. Louis got off to a very slow start this season but had a nice win over Chicago at home in there last game. Talent wise Nashville wins out here but they could be a little tired at the end of the road trip. Just think Nashville will get there goals as St. Louis has a weak defense. Also a big difference in net here. Vokoun has been fantastic to start the season and most experts expected a big year for him while Lalime has really struggled for the Blues.

Good Luck to All!!!!

10-15-2005, 07:06 PM
Pounded Jersey at home. They lost to the rangers last game and Marty let in 2 goals in 18 seconds. Look for a bounce back game for him at home as well, the devils are outscoring teams 8-3 at home and have both their wins on home ice, the canes meanwhile havent won a road game. At - 190 ml theres not a lotta value but went with a 4 unit play.
1 unit on the devils -1.5 for +160

Thrashers over rangers ml +125 for 1.5 units.

Thrashers are a much better scoring team than they've showed the last 2 games. Bounce back game against a weaker defensive team that should allow for a much freer flowing style of game that suits atlanta.

10-15-2005, 09:26 PM
Good Luck flmmkrz!!!

The Devils are always a scary team to back due to there lack of offensive power. Carolina can actually be a dangerous team. Agree with the fact there is no value on the -190 so the -1.5 is worth a shot. Brodeur needs to play better. He did not look good at all vs the Rangers. I can't agree with the Thrashers. They may be due but with Garnett in net I definetly can't back them. The Rangers have already proved that they won't be beaten easily. They are a hard fighting team. I can't stand it cause I hate them but there first line has been great. Also really like Lundqvist in net for them. Anyway's best of luck to you and I'll let you know the details on that other thing. It should get started sometime next week.

10-16-2005, 04:19 AM
Great night but it should have been better. 5 goals in the 1st period of the Isle-Flyer game and they only manage 1 more.

Recap: 5-1 (+7.35 units)

NHL YTD: 23-20-2 (+.87 units)
ML: 13-11 (-2.85 units)
GL: 2-2-2 (-.13 units)
O/U: 8-7 (+3.85 units)

Good Luck to All!!!!

10-16-2005, 08:09 AM
I got rocked pretty good. Freakin devils d, help out your goaltender once and a while. Thrash ah well, value pick that never came close.