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Leftfield betting markets

09-09-2005, 09:29 AM
Eng v Aus - 5th Test - Richies Last Words? ?

What will Richie Benaudís last word(s) of commentary be from the commentary box (not including any post match interviews) for Channel 4 Cricket's live coverage of the 2005 5th Ashes test? Betfair will settle this market on any selection that matches the exact word(s) or category of words said. Should Richie Benaudís last words not match any of the listed word(s) or categories of words, this market will be settled as Ďany otherí. For example, if Richie Benaud finishes with "good night" then the market will be settled 'any other' and not 'Goodbye'; if his final words are "Australia are 148-5" then the 'The Score' category selection will be settled as the winner of this market.

Betting options:

1. Thank You
2. Goodbye
3. The Score (category)
4. Match Result (category)
5. Series Result (category)
6. Name of anyone in C4's Team
7. It's been a privilege
8. Cricket
9. Studio
10. Commentary Box
11. Betfair Blimp
12. Any Other

If you wish to investigate the market for yourself, then this is how to get there:

www.betfair.com > cricket > the ashes 2005 > eng v aus 5th test > Richie's last words