[Topix] Agassi quiets retirement talk with lively Open run

Rusty Backhand
09-09-2005, 05:31 AM
Andre Agassi is tired of all the retirement talk and wants to simply let his racquet do the talking as he takes aim at becoming the oldest U.S. Open champion in 35 years.

http://topix.net/r/0a0H2TVFa7i=2FqwY3EVp2lj3KJUfO7FRrPBDsY7dPIlNVtQw1 hFMPTW4HX6YSKI9BKBi4Z3Le8DEQqoFH8vt=2BM6g22OMBcG52 pkJLWybnpYs=2BczsBMT28sxPHev=2FoJDZSdiOEP6QmnL47Ad bfc2STkwIDRmMnc4cOpbNtYJGqjDxdm57m4gX=2BIOqX0YlPIO YOh