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Question for y'all

09-07-2005, 06:32 PM
Just to give a little background, soccer/football (yeah, I'm a pom) is really my first sport. As in, if there's any game I could lay claim to understanding "well", then it's soccer.

The thing is, soccer is just such an unpredictable sport! I mean, sure, the best teams usually win when playing clearly weaker opponents at home. But for betting purposes, those teams usually have horribly high prices.

One way around this is trying Asian Handicap betting, Goal Line betting, and what have you. The thing is, when it comes to these factors, soccer is just such a fickle sport! You might be able to predict winners (in those cases where much better teams face the crap of the league in question), but as for scorelines and spread betting, at least in my mind, it's pretty much ANYBODY'S guess!

Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps there is a way of being able to accurately predict spreads and goal lines in soccer at least 55% of the time. But if there is, I sure as hell have no idea what or how the hell to do it!

My question to all of you who bet on soccer is this: is it really something that can be profitable for a gambler over the LONG haul? Or do you find most of the time that you either break even, or just save your bets for those few matches you can be really certain of, thereby making little on a consistent basis?