The Andy-El Aynaoui match up for an ESPY! (yikes, not an Emmy, NO!) [Archive] -

The Andy-El Aynaoui match up for an ESPY! (yikes, not an Emmy, NO!)

Gonzo Hates Me!
07-16-2003, 05:40 AM
Should I post this in GM, or do you think the people there will act like they are in a room full of onions?!


Andy's Up For An ESPY!
by: staff

7/14/2003 --

It's again time for the annual ESPY Awards show and Andy and El Aynaoui have been nominated as candidates for the Best Game, for their incredible five-hour men's quarterfinal match at the Australian Open. Other nominees for this category include:

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Credentials: Ohio State beats undefeated Miami and wins title.

NFC Wild Card Game

Credentials: 49ers comeback and beat the NY Giants.

World Series Game 6

Credentials: Angels comeback to beat the Giants en route to championship.

Past winners of this award include:

'02 Yankees-Diamondbacks World Series Game 7

'98 Denver Broncos win Super Bowl XXXII

'97 Ohio State edges Arizona State in the Rose Bowl

'96 AFC Championship game, Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh

07-20-2003, 05:48 AM
:( they didnt win. stupid dumb football. hello do they not know that that match was like THE BEST match ever in the freakin history of the sport. once again, stupid football. who cares if u beat the undefeated team. do we see Justine up there for ending Serena's streak?