MTF open Champions League Betting !!! who will win???

08-23-2005, 09:11 AM
hottie girls/nottie guys

Just to add some spice... 4 people in the gamblers forum decide to start betting with 100 units even for 7 days (including today only 6 days remaining) and who ever makes the highest profit after 7 days is considered as the winner :) so go ahead and vote in poll... who do u think will win it :)

here is the thread which will show the current standings :)

only 2 players name are in there but the other 2 will be added today :wavey: also the winner of this tournament get a damm cool prize guess what a Fujitsu P7010 notebook :p who is gonna donte the prize... none other than MTF's ultimate popularity contest winner bad gambler himself :devil:

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