Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince *spoilers*

08-03-2005, 01:20 AM
OK, here is what i think of the book.

- I thought it started off really clever with Dumbledore picking up Harry. It was different, and when Dumbledore arrived precisely at 11pm and made the street go dark was an exciting start to Harry's 6th year.

- I wish there was more emphasis put on Harry's title as Quidditch Captain. It didn't seem like he planned out the quidditch games like Wood did.

- I also thought Professor Slughorn was so boring compared to Umbridge (although Umbridge is pure evil.... she was interesting!).

- Too many trips to the Pensieve although Voldemort's past was interesting. -- Apparition seemed way too easy to master...

- Using the room of requirements to do something in secret was already done in the 5th book

- Harry's "the animal inside love crap" my gawd WHY does he liek Ginny. That was so lame! It was like reading a bad fanfiction

- I loved Fred and Georg's shop.... that was great!
- and it was nice finding out what they got on their OWL's
- Dumbldore's death was soooo sad, i cried =\ It was so shocking but i STILL think Snape isn't evil...... but my gawd if he is, then that was the worst thing ever in HP... blasting Dumbldore off of the astronomy tower with a killing curse.

- ohh why doesnt mcGonogall turn some death eaters into animals?! or bus? and squish them?

- Draco showed some uncertainty to evil i nthis book toward the end.... that was really interesting and he was crying to Mrtyl? It makes me think more of Draco and wonder what lies for him in their 7th year

- Snap being the half blood prince? dissapointing.... i thought it would be someone cooler

- the whole horcrux thing and Harry having to find the others isnt too interesting? But JK Rowling will probably make it interesting in book 7. THEY BETTER FINISH OFF THEIR 7TH YEAR THO! They cant turn all Frodo and the ring on us and travel mountains to destroy the Hocrux and vanish it into mount doom. and then dumbledore comes back as Dumbledore the White. lol.

- oh yes, i forogt, why didn't we find out what the Veil was about?! At the end of the 5th, Luna said "I can hear them too, the whispers behind the veil" or something like that. I THOUGHT we would discover where Sirius really went off too....

08-03-2005, 01:46 AM
hi chanda..ther'es already another thread discussing the HBP in here. it's on the first page somewhere. :D

08-03-2005, 01:51 AM
Oh ok! I must have missed it... i looked briefly, i'll just copy and paste my post on there then! thanks for telling me =)