Whale Burgers: "Don't knock it till you try it"

07-29-2005, 03:20 PM
How do ppl like this make it to power??? If theyre trying to be cute about this somebody should tell them its really not working... :eek:

Mike Moore Throws Weight Behind 100% Whale Burger Campaign

Head of the World Trade Organisation and former New Zealand Prime Minister Mike Moore has lent his support to the Japanese Whale industry by fronting a 100% Whale Burger campaign.

The campaign, funded by the Japanese Government, is designed to promote the benefits of consuming whale meat to a sceptical international market [you think???]. The advertisements feature Moore tucking in to a generous pound slab of whale meat complemented by lettuce, onions and beetroot before delivering the catchphrase "Have a Whale of a Time at your next BBQ, Try a 100% Whale Burger Today!"

Moore, a staunch proponent of using international trade to improve the plight of developing nations was only too happy to lend his support to the campaign. "Small pacific nations shouldn't be turning their back on the potentially lucrative whale trade, they should embrace the opportunity with both arms. Just think, once modified, the many lagoons on pacific islands would be perfect whale farms."

"Pacific Nations should be thinking less about creating Whale Sanctuaries and more about creating whale Safari's, to tap into the lucrative Japanese tourism market."

Head of the Japanese Whale Commission Taka Yokoshi is adamant that whale meat is the luxury delicacy of the future. "I have dined on some of the worlds rarest species, Panda Steaks, Black Robin Omelettes, BBQ Panther Ribs you name it, but let me assure you that Whale meat is the finest delicacy of them all, and its about time you round-eyes got into line on this one."

"We Japanese have a right to eat whatever we want. What would you do if we told New Zealanders. 'No More Sunday Lamb Roast Meat'?" You wouldn't like it would you? What we are saying with this campaign is "don't knock it till you try it"."

Yokoshi went on to state that there would be no fear of contracting any BSE type diseases when eating Japanese whale meat as "it has all been 100% scientifically tested."