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Brad Gilberts Take on AA 95/99 VS Federer 05

07-15-2005, 09:09 AM
I love the way tennis matchups work i.e PlayerA>PlayerB
but................................ PlayerC>PlayerA

I believe that Federer would be troubled a lot more by peak AA than he would have been by Pete Sampras..
Here are a few questions put to brad Gilbert

Q1 I'd like to know your take on this... AA of 95/99 vs Roger 2005 ?

Q2 And I'd appreciate if you could tell me why AA is famous for his
return of serve even thought it seems that he is aced pretty easily,
compared to Roger Federer.

Brad Gilbert Replied---
AA is an offensive returner and Hewitt and Fed are much better
defensive returners, getting more balls in play. Federer seems to be
playing better at this moment than any other player in their moment.
But a young Andre circa 99 would have posed a very good threat to
Fed. BG