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Juan Carlos advances at Kitzbuhel!

07-25-2002, 09:21 PM
Juan Carlos Ferrero d. Martin Verkerk 7-5 6-2 :D :D :D

in the QUARTERS, the Mosquito faces Juan Ignacio Chela, should be a fun match! Vamos Juan Carlos!;)

07-25-2002, 09:37 PM
I'm so HAPPY! :D :D :D

I don't want to jinx anything, but has anyone else noticed that the second round nearly always proved to be his stumbling block. With one exception in the beginning of the year, he only passed into the QF twice and both times he ended up playing in the final. Besides, both of those second round matches were extremely tough and he nearly lost them. He had to save match points againt Mantilla in Monte Carlo, and he was 2 sets to 1 down againt Coutelot in RG.

But he passed this demonic obstacle tonight, so maybe he'll go all the way again. Anyway, I'm overjoyed.

I so hope my theory is right.

VAMOS JUANQUI!!!!!! :bounce:

07-26-2002, 01:36 AM

07-26-2002, 03:01 AM

King Aaron
07-26-2002, 05:02 AM

07-26-2002, 01:30 PM
Wow, they showed Juanqui praticing without his shirt off on Austrian TV!!!! :drool:

07-26-2002, 07:00 PM
JC Ferrero d. JI Chela 7-5, 6-7, 6-4 :) :) :)

onto the SEMIS baby, win this thing! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Chloe le Bopper
07-26-2002, 07:06 PM
"Wow, they showed Juanqui praticing without his shirt off on Austrian TV!!!! "

*is greatly envious*

Anyhow its great to see him winning some matches :)

I just hope he isn't too tired out when he comes to Toronto, where I hope to see him on Wendesday :)

He needs these points to stay in the race for the Masters Cup, so good luck to him:)

07-26-2002, 07:45 PM
keep going Juanqui :D

07-26-2002, 11:26 PM
Juan Carlos faces Mariano Zabaleta in the semis. Alex Corretja defeated Albert Costa today, so he could meet Alex or Gaston Gaudio in the finals. How do you like his odds?

07-27-2002, 12:36 AM
i want to see an All-Spanish FINAL between Alex and Juan Carlos. that should have been the RG Final! anyway, i think if Juanqui keeps up this high level of play, he'll go all the way! but i don't want to jinx anything like i did at the French Open!