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[Topix] The Amelie Enigma

Rusty Backhand
05-16-2005, 06:01 PM
On the eve of last year's tournament, she had earned consecutive Tier I titles on clay in Berlin and Rome and posted a 22-4 season record - not including two wins in Fed Cup play.

http://topix.net/r/0a0H2TVFa7i=2FqwY3EVp2lj5zfL0p0WdtC1M8=2FHxBxPVORG BiIK0l13MqrC685Lju6U9kTeaDPs53BASmzMOdkBlf7=2BVdLQ mYLnVcQkbCPu=2FPUY=2BA8T1dhjPRYKd70EU9ca7H6f1fnzBT OIp=2FyOXdTiw=3D=3D