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NBA Tuesday 3rd

05-03-2005, 05:56 PM
Only going with an entertainment bet today. Would be nice to hit, but not going to kill me if it doesn't, besides I got a pounding headache.

Boston ML x Seattle ML parlay pays about $2.20

I'm not sure if I am going to be making any more large wagers on this year's playoffs. It is clearly obvious that commish Stern is fixing the games even moreso than in year's past for the NBA's financial gain. I don't think Van Gundy just pulls that shit out of his ass.

SA/Denver friend told me this morning that the whole game last night was a sham (in that the refs have the over) and that seemed to be the general sentiment I saw from the post game show. The foul on Duncan was absolute garbage.

Boston/Indiana series...Game 4 was called heavily in favor of Boston in the first 2 quarters? Why? Indy goes up 3-1, stick a fork in the series, now they get extra games and some intrigue.

Dallas/Houston...About as shady as they come with the accusations, even my friend from Dallas said Mavs got a ton of lucky calls in game 3 down 2-0. And wtf were the refs watching when Finley knocked the ball out of Barry's hands last night with both feet clearly out of bounds :retard:

Washington/Chicago...Game 3 was a definite fix on the over. Some say the SA/Denver game last night was more obvious than that one. I don't want to imagine :eek:

Unless I find a good contact for someone who knows the refs, fuck it, I have no idea how Stern has the script laid out and that's sadly 75% of the capping nowadays.

05-03-2005, 06:11 PM
totally agree with you jackie on your write ups well said !!!!!!!