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WANTED: Fan photos of Feli Lopez

04-29-2005, 03:58 PM
Hi Peeps!

Since I have a website for Feli I have been searching for a long time for photos on/off court and have over 400 pix. However, i'm only just getting around to creating an album for fan pix of Feli and wondered if anyone had any I could use. I will add a copyright mention under the photo of your name and any other personal info you want.

You can post here or email them to me at:

Feli Photos (lillies_n_tulips@yahoo.co.uk)

Please don't forget to tell me your name and of course where/when the photos were taken. Photos can on court playing/practising or they can be off court where you have seen him walking about or met him and had your photo taken with him. Anything really as long as they are YOUR photos.

Thanks Bunches!