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Europe/Africa Zone Group III

04-27-2005, 08:05 PM
2005 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas – Europe/Africa Group III - Venue 1
Venue: Smash Tennis Academy, Cairo, Egypt
Surface: Red Clay, Outdoor
Dates: 27 April – 1 May

Results will appear on the Europe/Africa Zone Group III Results page on a daily basis, by 17:00 GMT approx.

27 April
Denmark and Egypt, both bidding for a return to Group II were joined by FYR Macedonia in posting expected victories on the first day's play in Cairo. Bosnia Herzegovina, newly-promoted from Group IV upset a higher-ranked Lithuanian team in the day's other match.

28 April
Denmark and FYR Macedonia were comfortable winners in Pool A and booked their places in the 1st to 4th round-robin group.
Host Egypt overcame some stubborn resistance from Bosnia-Herzegovina to also book its place in the next stage.

29 April
FYR Macedonia gained a surprise 3-0 victory over favourites Denmark in the final round-robin match of Pool A. With both teams having already qualified, the result of this match is carried forward to the next stage so the Macedonians have gained a vital edge in the push for promotion to Group II. Similarly Namibia's 2-1 victory over Kenya, bringing to an end a five-match losing streak, has lessened the Namibians' relegation worries, going into the relegation play-offs.

Host Egypt fought back from dropping the opening rubber to Lithuania and then edged an extremely tense doubles encounter to secure top spot in Pool B and condemn Lithuania to the relegation play-offs following Bosnia-Herzegovina's victory over Madagascar. Bosnia-Herzegovina will seek to gain promotion for the second year running.

30 April
FYR Macedonia are on track for promotion to the Europe/Africa Zone Group II in 2006 after securing a 3-0 victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina in the first tie of their Zone Group III 1st to 4th position Play-offs. Similarly Egypt put themselves in a strong position after upsetting Denmark 2-1.

In the 5th to 8th position relegation Play-offs Kenya and Madagascar are in danger of being relegated to the Europe/Africa Zone Group IV in 2006 after they suffered defeats at the hands of Lithuania and Namibia respectively.

1 May
FYR Macedonia secured promotion to Group II for 2006 after defeating Egypt 2-1, so finishing top of the 1st to 4th round-robin pool. However Egypt also qualify for Zone II next year as they finished in second place in the pool.

Madagascar and Kenya finished in 7th and 8th positions respectively and so are relgated to Group IV for 2006.

Eight teams have been drawn into two round-robin pools of four:

Pool A 1. FYR Macedonia, 2. Denmark, 3. Namibia, 4. Kenya,
Pool B 1. Egypt, 2. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 3. Lithuania, 4. Madagascar

The first two teams from each pool will advance to another round-robin group. The teams finisshing first and second in this final pool will be promoted to Europe/Africa Zone Group II in 2006. The teams finishing third and fourth in each pool will advance to a round-robin pool. The teams finishing in third and fourth in this subsequent pool will be relegated to Europe/Africa Zone Group IV in 2006

1st to 4th Play-off: FYR Macedonia, Denmark, Egypt, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
5th to 8th Play-off : Namibia, Kenya, Lithuania, Madahascar

Schedule of Play and Nominations given below.

Pool A:
27 April
Denmark d Kenya 3:0
FYR Macedonia d Namibia 3:0
28 April
Denmark d Namibia 3:0
FYR Macedonia d Kenya 3:0
29 April
FYR Macedonia d Denmark 3:0
Namibia d Kenya 2:1

Denmark (DEN)
Frederik Nielsen
Jacob Melskens
Mik Ledvonova
Morgan Thempler
Captain: John Larsen

Kenya (KEN)
Allan Cooper
Christian Vitulli
Willis Mbandi
Maurice Wamukowa
Captain: Carlo Vitulli

FYR Macedonia (MKD)
Lazar Magdincev
Predrag Rusevski
Dimitar Grabulovski
Dimitar Labudovik
Captain: Goran Sevcenko

Namibia (NAM)
Jurgens Strydom
Johan Theron
Jean Pierre Huish
Henrico Du Plessis
Captain: Warren Frewer

Pool B:
27 April
Egypt d Madagascar 3:0
Bosnia-Herzegovina d Lithuania 2:1
28 April
Egypt d Bosnia-Herzegovina 3:0
Lithuania d Madagascar 3:0
29 April
Egypt d Lithuania 2:1
Bosnia-Herzegovina d Madagascar 2:1

Bosnia/Herzegovina (BIH)
Ivan Dodig
Aleksandar Maric
Ugljesa Ostojic
Bojan Vujic (Playing Captain)

Egypt (EGY)
Karim Maamoun
Mohamed Maamoun
Mohamed Nashaat
Omar Hedayet
Captain: Khaled Baligh

Daniel Lecina
Rolandas Murashka
Guiadas Sabeckis
Arturas Gotovskis
Captain: Rimvydas Mugevicius

Madagascar (MAD)
Germain Rasolondrazana
Jacob Rasolondrazana
Thierry Rajaobelina
Antso Rakotondramanga
Captain: Harivony Adrianafetra

04-28-2005, 09:03 AM
Bravo Vujic&Dodig (Bi :wavey: H)

04-28-2005, 06:32 PM
Standing after day 3:

Pool A
nation ties matches
1.Macedonia 3-0 9-0
2.Denmark 2-1 6-3
3.Namibia 1-2 2-7
4.Kenya 0-3 1-8

Pool B
nation ties matches
1.Egypt 3-0 8-1
2.Bosnia&Her 2-1 4-5
3.Lithuania 1-2 5-4
4.Madagascar 0-3 1-8

04-29-2005, 08:47 PM
Final Standing:

1-4 Play off pool
nation ties matches
1.Macedonia 3-0 8-1
2.Egypt 2-1 6-3
3.Denmark 1-2 3-6
4.Bosnia&Her 0-3 1-8

5-8 play off pool
nation ties matches
1.Lithuania 3-0 8-1
2.Namibia 2-1 5-4
3.Madagascar 1-2 4-5
4.Kenya 0-3 1-8