Funny player moments.....

Sue Ellen
04-04-2005, 10:47 PM
Have you ever had a funny moment with a tennis player? Have you ever made a player laugh on/off court? I'm sure a thread like this has been done before, but lets not dwell on the past dudes!! Lets recall all our funny player moments here!!

Here are my top funny player moments:

1. I made JC Fererro laugh during a match at the change of ends when I waved Graydon Bear's hand at him! BTW Graydon Bear is my bear which I have named after Graydon Oliver. Graydon Bear has been introduced to and signed by Graydon Oliver!

2. JM Gambill remarked on the size of our pen when he was signing us an autograph! It's laugh a minute with Jan-Mike!! He also said shit to us, how cool!!!!!!!!!!