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Don't you think Nadal deserved to win?

04-04-2005, 01:48 AM
:sad: snif, snif, Nadal has lost! After winning the first two sets i thought the match was over and Rafa was going to win the title. I really like Federer, but don't you think it would have been a nice change to see someone different winning a championship? Luckily, Nadal is really young and he's got a great future. I think he'll win lots of masters series (and grand slams). I can't believe what Federer is doing, as they say : "Roger, you're just too good to be true" :worship: :clap2: :bigclap: :bowdown:

04-04-2005, 02:25 AM
I honestly thought he had it, in the early third set. Rafael played great, stat-wise perhaps a bit better than Roger, but what counts in the end is that Roger fought very hard to win it and he deserved it in the end.

But Rafael, really......... i wanted him to win, of course. UGH Rafa. I try to say only the nice things, but I actually am very heartbroken and upset.

Congrats Roger. I'm proud of you Rafa :hug:

04-04-2005, 02:28 AM
Yes, but alas, nothing you can do.

04-04-2005, 02:55 AM
:hug: victoria and all Rafa fans :hug:

No, I think the match turned out exactly how it was meant to.

Rafa HAD to close the door in the third set for two reasons:

1. You can't give a champion hope; and
2. Rafa runs out of gas because he plays such a physical game and shows so much emotion.

I was worried for him through the whole 3rd set. When he lost it, I knew he was in a negative position mentally and physically despite the fact that he was up 2 sets to 1. I kept cheering for him, though, and I'll be cheering for him a lot in the future. :)

You're great, Rafa! Keep coming on strong! :yippee:

04-04-2005, 03:20 AM
rafa played an increadible match and i'm so proud of him, but in the end there's no saying who deserved to win. i love them both but it's the one who fought the hardest that won and that's it. rafa had many great chances, but mentally roger stayed very tough. rafa has a lot to be proud of from this past week, there's plenty of good stuff to come for him in the future, he's not going anywhere. :D

04-04-2005, 03:56 AM
Rafa deserved to win because he came out and played like a number one against the current number one, but in the last set, he didnīt played his best tennis.
there was a moment in the match (i really canīt remember exactly when), when Federer was serving 0-30, and a ball was called out, or was out, i really donīt remember cause iīm sad about the match... the thing is it was supposed to be 0-40 and it was 15-30, that was a big chance for Rafa to recover, and it was a mistake from the umpire...
did anyone understand what i just said? cause i donīt
whatever... he deserved to win

04-04-2005, 04:42 AM
Did he win match point? No. Thus, he didn't deserve to win.

Did I want him to win? yes. Am I sad he didn't? yes. Could he have won? yes.

But he didn't, so what's the point. he's 18, he will win many TMS shields :)

04-04-2005, 04:53 AM
Don't think he "deserved" to win, as Debstah said, he didn't win match point.

But did he play a hell of a frickin match? Damn right.

I really wanted to see him win, and was a bit disappointed when things started falling apart in the 3rd set. But... what can ya do? He's a young buck, and has a great future ahead of him. There will be other tournies.

04-04-2005, 05:03 AM
They both deserved to win. If this is another line questioning call thread then the thread starter deserves to be disqualified.

They both played with the intensity and passion to win. Let's leave it at that.

04-04-2005, 09:09 PM
My tape cut off, at the end of the 3rd set, Nadal was doing pretty good until then...
If anyone has this match on DVD or VHS, please let me know and/or email me at .