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David's match reports in 2005 season

02-17-2005, 01:41 PM
Hey, fellows! I wanted to make this thread long time ago, just getting the idea from Roger's forum :)

We all know David played many good matches, so I want to put these match reports together for recording his shining moments (could be crappy moments sometime too :lol: )

Now specially thanks for GWH that I got his allowing for using his reports of Kooyong and AO this year. :hug: And also, Bov, I put your Rotterdam report here too, I am sure you wonít oppose it, right? ;) And Rosie, i know you are the one who has the most chances of watching his live matches among all of us, so your reports are always being waited by us. :p

Just for making this match reports thread to follow Davidís whole 2005 season, and letís see the result this year :D If any one who watched Davidís match, your report will be welcomed here, for sharing with all other fans, some of whom can't watch them.

Cheers for David :D

02-17-2005, 01:46 PM
Kooyong Classic 2005

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: David Nalbandian VS Tim Henman

Result: 1-6 5-7

Report by GWH


Nalbandian/Henman well this performance you could tell it was David's first match of the year and he will only get better. I am not really sure how Henman played as David made plenty of schoolboy errors, especially in the 1st set and 6-1 was justified.

The second set was better and he had so many break point opportunities, but he refused to take them and when Tim was serving for the match at 5-4, then David decides to serve 3 double faults in his service game just because he is charitable.

Nalbandian will have to improve for sure and Henman now plays Federer in the semis, while Gaston and Nalbandian play the next day.

02-17-2005, 01:48 PM
Kooyong Classic 2005

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: David Nalbandian VS Gaston Gaudio

Result: 6-3 6-1

Report by GWH


For the 1st set of the match between Gaudio and Nalbandian, it was quite a good match. David seemed to be more serious about it, but he needed to be after his first match against Henman.

Gaston started serving and had his footfaultitis again, but he started off well with 2 big backhand winners. The thing I noticed from the first 3 games was the clear improvement from yesterday, even though it was fucking hot already at 11am and of course I was out in the sun frying away, but managing to keep cool enough.

The first break for Nalle was for 2-3. It was funny Gaston hits a bad dropshot, Nalle hits a worse reply, but then he settles down and is moving well and being aggressive and showing he is better on this surface than Gaston. Gaston misses a gimmy to make it to duece.

The next service game had a very cool moment as Nalle gets back to duece with some good play, he hits a top drop volley that is backspinning towards the net, Gaston makes it and but David puts it away and then they end up on the same side of the net and shake hands.

Gaston is serving/volleying more than usual and that is usually a sign in itself ;D. He was volleying well and hitting some good winners, but I was impressed with Nalle's forehand and he was getting some very good angles and Gaston's volleying was very good in these stages, though he managed to blow easy chances at the wrong moments.

One very funny moment was a 1st serve from Gaston it was such a fault it missed the court and it went 6 rows back before bouncing, you can only laugh at such stuff like that, and then he lost serve.

Nalle is continuing on and playing very well and Gaston seemed a bit disinterested, he didn't tank at all, but a bit disinterested. He didn't hold a serve in the second set and Nalle was focused and wasn't going to let him off the hook.

It was a good and fun first set, but the 2nd one was a combination of Nalle's consistency and a bit of disinterest from Gaston, but it was good to see them play.

The right man won and the result was fair enough maybe the 1st set could have been 6-4 or 7-5 as it was fairly close, but I always felt David was in control.

02-17-2005, 01:54 PM
Australian Open 2005

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: 2nd round,

David Nalbandian VS Sandiago Ventura

Result: 6-0 6-3 2-6 6-2

Report by GWH


Well David came out and started very well against a very nervous Ventura who couldn't hit a thing in in the 1st set and Nalle wasn't making it easier, he is definitely on his game today unlike when he played Ferrer and everything especially his opponent was irritating the hell out of him. The 1st set was a bagel and then Ventura started to become more competitve, but David was moving into the ball well and making Ventura cover a lot more court with good angles and this is an improvement from before.

All the Ace Ventura comments from the crowd are coming out and they are lifting him and after the 2nd set, he starts to make less errors and is hitting some very good winners from his forehand and his backhand is holding up, there were some good dropshots as well, then they were trying to out finesse each other at the net. Ventura deservedly took the 3rd set and Nalle's level just dropped a bit, but there wasn't the sense that this could be a 5 setter.

Nalle wakes up again and refocuses and put the youngster in his place and wins the 4th handily. This was the 1st time I have seen Ventura play and I like what I saw he will do well in the clay season, he has a good game for the surface and after he wasn't nervous he was a good opponent in this match and after he signed quite a few autographs which is always good.

02-17-2005, 02:02 PM
Australian Open

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: 3rd round,
David Nalbandian VS Fernando Gonzalez

Result: 6-7(3) 7-5 6-2 6-3

Report by GWH



This would be a good match for Nalle as he has a very good record over Gonzo and the best thing about this match it was the one after the CaŮas mauling, so I didn't have to move too far and the court was packed as well. The Chilean fans definitely outnumbered the Argentines and luckily it wasn't football and there was some good singing going on which is always good. That's the thing with the Chilean players as there are so many Chileans around the world, they can always get big support.

The match started out in the usual pattern Gonzo trying to dominate with the big forehands and Nalle using his Gonzo's power to change the direction of the ball on his strokes. Nalle got a lead and was playing well better than he was against Ventura and he had to go against a better opponent. Then the evil Nalle service let him down, please could you get some kick to that serve and better length, Coria has a serve that doesn't get broken as often and he can do better than that. As he was serving for the 1st set then Gonzo started being more aggressive and the winners were flowing and he broke the back, then got some momentum from the Chilean fans and took the 1st set.

As to be sure whether he was going to continue on that vein I wasn't sure and felt that Nalle would be able to prevail in the end as Gonzo had some problems with his feet and the shoulder, so the pattern was that Nalle would hit some short angles and then just step up his game and he saw that Gonzo was struggling and the match totally changed when Nalle won the 2nd set 7-5, which he should have won the 1st set, but after that Gonzo was getting treated and not very happy with the situation and Nalle just ground him out and took the last 2 sets easily and it was a very good performance and he does have quite a lot of fans here, more than what some people would expect and the Chileans gave him a good ovation as well.

02-17-2005, 02:06 PM
Australian Open

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: 4th round,
David Nalbandian VS Guillermo Coria

Result: 5-7 7-5 6-3 6-0

Report: Not Available



This is from my view his best match in AO :) , but I didnít find GWHís report in AO thread. Thereíre too many pages in that thread :eek: and seems that report was covered in there :( As it is also my fav match in AO, I will watch the repeat and write it by myself, then post here :)

02-17-2005, 02:13 PM
Australian Open

Surface: Rebound Ace

Match: Quarter Final,
David Nalbandian VS Lleyton Hewitt

Result: 3-6 2-6 6-1 6-3 8-10

Report by GWH


This match was very difficult to be a Nalbandian fan as it was national day with a bunch of Aussies and I didn't get a ticket, but the square was packed for sure. Hewitt got out early and was playing very well and Nalle seemed a bit out of sorts and was making some errors that he normally wouldn't. I just hoped that the nerves would settle down eventually and then he would be able to show some of his talents.

Hewitt settled quicker and took the 1st set easily, then Nalle had 15-40 in the 2nd set and to me he had to win this game and get some momentum, but sadly he blew it and then Hewitt was able to refocus on the job at hand and was playing solidly and won the 2nd set to 2.

Lucky the fireworks which were very good, loud and spectacular well as much as I like fireworks anyway. This helped Nalle as he tightened up and wasn't making as many errors on that backhand as he was spraying them everywhere. Then Nalle was able to move Hewitt around the court and when he is playing well I love how he uses the court with angles and his ability to manouever the opponent out of court. He is improving and finally gets a break and takes the 3rd set.

The 4th set Nalle continues on the same vein and is hitting some good winners and it seems that Hewitt has gone off to the races for a while, but if it got to a 5th I doubt that the Potato will always be around at the end sadly. I thought Nalle had the chance for a bagel and I was chanting bagel, bagel and all the Aussies were so quiet during this time of the match and then Dave takes it for 6-1.

Here comes the business end now and knowing that Hewitt doesn't give away any presents. I was worried about Nalle's serve as everyone knows what a liability it can be at times. He is serving well by his standards and the thing that really frustrated me about this match was the amount of times that he had 30 all on Hewitt's serve and didn't make the return into play either into the net or just long on the backhand, then later he came out with great winners.

I was cheering on as best as I could, but Hewitt kept holding serve and I thought the longer he couldn't break Hewitt, the closer it was to Nalle losing his serve and at 8-8 the 15-40 and the head went down and he lost serve.

Hewitt then served it out and he was too good in the vital moments. Nalle played very well at the end and it was very close and in the future he can win those matches, but I am proud of the way he played.

The funny thing was the guys who were going for Nalle could see me walking away dejectedly as all the Aussies were celebrating, the thought of having to go for Hewitt was fresh in my mind and the head shaking was constant for at least 30 mins, but a good performance by both.

02-17-2005, 02:17 PM
ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament 2005 - Rotterdam

Surface: Indoor Hard

Match: 1st round,
David Nalbandian VS Radek Stepenek

Result: 2-6 6-4 1-6

Report by Bovenbuuf


It wasn't really briljant. It was very obvious that he didn't had a good day. There was something missing, like power or something... and well Radek played Ok, with a good serve. So well not much to say about the first set I guess, it was over very quick.. best part I thought were the messages from Rosie, that really made me laugh!

The second serve he won, but well he also had to thank Radec for it, Radek didn't play that treat during the second set,his serve went down and made a lot of Double faults, that is the reason why David could break him. During the break I think Radek made 2 or 3 double faults. SO well it was good that we had this 3 set.

But then in the 3 set Radek started to serve better again, with less double faults. And well like I said earlier David was missing something, so he couldn't make it. Although he did make some great points in the 3 set, but there where not enough nice points to win more games.

Was really sorry to see he lossed, but if you are really honest with the way he played yesterday he didn't deserve to win. Radek had this good serve and played decent.

Report from the official website:

Stepanek took the early initiative in what proved to be a highly unpredictable match. He broke his opponent's service almost immediately and went on to take the set 6-2. Although Stepanek again went on the offensive early in the second set, Nalbandian simply refused to yield, fighting for every single point.

A sanitary stop in the sixth game did wonders for the South American, who returned to break Stepanek's service, taking the second set 6-4. Although the scene looked set for an exciting showdown, the final set proved a one-sided affair. Stepanek forced an early break, to which his opponent responded by throwing in the towel. Although Nalbandian held his service at 5-0, he could do little more than save his face. Serving for the match, Stepanek produced an ace on his second service, clinching what will undoubtedly be the most important victory of his career.

02-17-2005, 04:12 PM
Thank you so much for doing this Nova! :)

02-17-2005, 05:44 PM
Oh this is really a nice idea Nova, and of course i don't mind!

02-17-2005, 06:43 PM
This was a great idea. Thanks, Nova.

02-17-2005, 07:29 PM
Yes - thanks Nova - did you want me to put my Marseilles ones in too - or are they too miserable :devil:

I guess I might as well - shows it is not always sweetness and light supporting David!!!

02-17-2005, 07:30 PM
ah well it was a good report that you gave Rosie, and well it is a report, so do think it would be ok if you put it here aswell

02-17-2005, 07:33 PM
Yes - thanks Nova - did you want me to put my Marseilles ones in too - or are they too miserable :devil:

I guess I might as well - shows it is not always sweetness and light supporting David!!!

Put 'em in "The Rag" thread...j/k.

02-17-2005, 07:41 PM
Marseille Open13 tournament 2005 - Marseille, France

Surface: Indoor Hard

Match: 1st round,
David Nalbandian VS Rainer Schuettler

Result: 6-7, (2), 6-4, 7-5

Report by Rosie

OK guys - you seem to be worried about me! Don't be - I'm fine - just a few things to do today so far. Anyway - match report - hmmmm - where do I start? First thing is - don't be shocked girls - I was so calm it was unbelievable - there is only so much horror you can take courtesy of our David - I now take my cue from Eduardo - if he can be so calm all the time when it's his job and his money on the line - well - I can be too

Anyway - first set - started fairly mundanely - actually it was so hot in there I almost fell asleep! David broke and seemed to be cruising - I was quite content and feeling smug But then - of course - this is David we're talking about - serving out sets is never easy for him And suddenly a 5-3 lead becomes one of the most horrible tie-breaks I have ever seen anyone play!!!! 2-7 - I was angry more than anything at this point - I felt he was letting down his fans; his Team, his girlfriend, and most of all, himself. His shoulders were drooping and I began planning my onward trip to Rotterdam. At the end of the 1st set I admit I had to take a break - a cigarette was needed - even though I promised Eduardo that I would give up!!!! Can't have a lucky charm with bad habits can we!!!!

Anyway - when I came back he had already lost his serve - the writing was on the wall as they say. I thought of Sigma and wanted to shout out "come on tank ass!" or something similar, but not sure my friends in Team "N" would have appreciated it!!! To be honest - not quite sure how he pulled through that set - a mixture of determination and Rainer being even more of a "tank ass" perhaps!!

Anyway - then the 3rd set - David serves first and gets broken Then he breaks back - and so it goes on. By this time a sort of icy calm had taken over. At 3-3 I remembered the oranges I still had in my bag and started peeling them for me and anyone else deserving nearby They were much appreciated. Then - guess what - David loses that awful serve of his and he's 3-5 down Momentarily I lost my British reserve and shouted "For Chrrist's sake, what the f*** are you playing at - you Argentine b******!" Vicky left at this stage (too stressed I guess), and Eduardo laughed at me and has yet to be forgiven!!! Well - guess you know the rest - David didn't win those next 2 games - Rainer lost them. He was serving at 40-15 - there was a "let", then another "let", - then a double fault..............then somewhere along the line, another double fault. He was screaming in anguish - it meant so much to him - I actually felt sorry for him ..... "oh bless - poor Rainer" I said - and Eduardo laughed at me again That man is incredible - never, ever, EVER loses his cool - he is my new role model for stessful occasions!!!!!

And - then - suddenly it's over - our David found another level of fight and determination and Rainer collapsed mentally. The match is over, - Vicky screamed, Mariano the Fitness Trainer jumped up from his seat, and Eduardo just looked calm and gave me a "there I told you so" look

So now we have big, bad Taylor - a serve and volley expert - hmmmm - won't be easy unless David can break his serve a lot easier than he did Rainer's. The court seems pretty fast to me - and David's serve is still appalling - perhaps he can ask Roddick to give him a few lessons. I've discovered that if I take my glasses off in stressful moments I can't actually see what the hell is going on - it can prove very useful

Ah well - that's all for now. It's a late match tonight - probably won't finish til 1.00am and the area around Palais des Sports is rough as hell - even taxis won't go there This lucky charm needs official transportation - NOW!!! Or she's staying in the Hotel and waiting for them to tell me the score after.

So hope this is not too long - maybe the vodka still talking! Bye for now from Marseille

02-17-2005, 07:48 PM
Marseille Open13 tournament 2005 - Marseille, France

Surface: Indoor Hard

Match: 2nd round,
David Nalbandian VS Taylor Dent

Result: 6-7, (4), 2-6

Report by Rosie

OK guys - first apologies for the delay. There was a conference in the Hotel today and they booked out the Business Centre til now, so no chance of Internet access before this. So - anyway - where do I start? Put bluntly - David played like an idiot - he never got into the match, his concentration was dire, his serve was dreadful, he was in a vile mood and I have nothing else to say on the matter.

I actually thought the lack of Internet access was a good idea because it would give me a chance to calm down - but I'm still fuming with his lacklustre approach and the whole attitude out there yesterday. To say I was disappointed with him and his performance would be an understatement - at times last night I wondered why I put myself through it - sorry if I sound harsh but it's how I feel right now. I don't mind when he loses to people like Federer, Hewitt and Safin - they're great players - but Taylor Dent for goodness sake - he's just a big ugly lump with a big ugly serve and if David had gone into the match with his head where it should be instead of wherever it was then he would have beaten him easily. At the moment I am still considering going home and forgetting Rotterdam - see how I feel in the morning.

It's Eduardo and Mariano and poor Vicky I feel sorry for - she's a good girl - the best - she deserves her man to at least try for her, and the Team work so hard - they deserve better. I almost told Eduardo to find another player who would reward him better last night - but I know he would have given me that enigmatic smile of his and shaken his head at me so what was the point? Actually he was doing an awful lot of head-shaking last night - first time I've seen him look that despondent. He left before David had even got off court last night - I guess he was disgusted and so was I. In fact we left so fast it was as if a bomb had dropped on the Palais des Sports - and must give my apologies to Amelie the lovely Transportation lady - she was trying to chat to me all the way back to the Hotel and I was not in the mood to chat - sorry Amelie.

OK - maybe you all think I'm hateful now but I'm not a sycophant and I won't lie and say he played well when I could have played that match better. Mariano was his sweet cheerful self this morning - so was Vicky - I couldn't even bring myself to speak to David I felt that bad.

So I'll be back in touch when I feel better. Bye for now.

02-17-2005, 07:49 PM
Ok, so the match with Taylor and Radek need to be in "The Rag" thread, so we can all reach for the chocolate and vodka to get through it. How 'bout it?

02-17-2005, 10:28 PM
Great idea Nova!

I hope that no more reports have to be in "The Rag", just the Taylor and Radek ones..which means that we will not need any Vodka ,chocolates os cigarettes - I need to stop that - so plz David give me a reason !!

02-18-2005, 10:59 AM
Great thread Crystal! Thanks a lot. :worship:

02-18-2005, 01:53 PM
Yes - thanks Nova - did you want me to put my Marseilles ones in too - or are they too miserable :devil:

I guess I might as well - shows it is not always sweetness and light supporting David!!!
Of course! :hug: and thanks for your Marseille reports, Rosie :D it's really a terrible memory for us :lol:

but as i said, both shining sweet moments and crappy miserable moments are welcomed here, because all of them are HIS MOMENTS :yeah: