Upcoming Edberg-Becker exhibition

10-24-2002, 04:51 AM
Assuming that Becker's tax trouble will be over in time, there's an exhibition match between Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker next Month (November 6th) in Denmark - see here:


The match is supposed to be broadcast in Europe. I am looking for someone willing to tape and mail the video to me - all reasonable expenses paid. If you can help, please write to:

Many thanks.


10-24-2002, 10:34 AM
Ed head - Becker fortunately got off with a suspended sentence, so presume the match is still on.
Will take note of the date & see if I get it. If it's on will put it on my other tape with Edbergs farewell programme & get in touch.

10-24-2002, 08:59 PM
I can tape it for u,but what channel will show?!