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eeekk it's up guys! i just copied & pasted the interview, but if you want the whole introduction too, then go to:

What is your mindset for the start of 2005? Do you feel confident already or do you feel a big start at The Aussie Open would help you "get your groove back"?
Louis-Antoine Paquin, Canada

I set pretty big goals for last year and I achieved them - the three biggest things for me were the Olympic Games, the Grand Slams and the Davis Cup. We won the bronze medal in Athens, I made semi's in Wimbledon and we stayed in the World Group in Davis Cup so I think last year was very successful. I have put my goals also high for this year. Unfortunately, there were two tournaments I was supposed to have played already this year - in Adelaide and Auckland - but I injured my ankle. Luckily I can now play and I'm ready for the Australian Open. I have to hang in and fight through some rounds. Fitness-wise I'm feeling good and I'm hitting the ball well so we will see how I do in match situations.

What are your goals for 2005?
Dean Saumon-Sar, Norway

I want to keep improving my game. I'm now in the top 30 and I want to go even further. Hopefully I can break into the top 20 but I will go a step at a time. When I get to that goal I will look to the next one. I always keep my goals high and I want to do well in the Grand Slam tournaments, the Davis Cup and other big tournaments.

Do you believe that Croatia has a chance to win the Davis Cup? What do you think about the first round against the USA?
Dean Saumon-Sar, Norway

We have a really good team now - me, Ivan Ljubcic, Ivo Karlovic and Roko Karanusic, who qualified here in Melbourne. I think we can go very far. We need a bit of luck but Ivan and me showed that we can play well in singles and doubles and we are going to try to go all the way, even this year if we can. But, as you say, we are playing the United States in the first round on their home ground, so it's going to be an unbelievably tough first round. We will try, fight and hang in there.

Do you fell pressured to follow Goran's footsteps!?
Martina, Croatia

Goran has put the bar pretty high for all of us and maybe I get the most pressure because I'm the youngest, we play similar and we are from the same town. I'm just going to try to carry the flag that Goran, and before him Nikki (Pillic) and Zeljko (Franulovic) carried - the flag for people from Split and for Croatia.

Has there ever been a match which you wish you could have played again for any reason?
Kiran, Scotland

Every match happens the way it does for a reason. Whether you win or lose you can learn a lot - it's a school. It makes you grow up, work even harder and work even better. Maybe you might play terrible one time but you have to suck it up and maybe next time you play better and win. I would keep everything the same and try to keep improving - hopefully that will bring me all the way.

You were the last person to beat Federer on grass. Considering his improvement over the last two years, do you think you could still beat him on the surface and do you think there are any other players who could?
Julia Nicholls, England

When I played Roger in 2002 he was one of the best and I was ranked about 190. He hadn't really had a good record at that stage in Grand Slams and I played some unbelievable tennis. The last two years though he got really confident and he's playing really good tennis. He's human, he's beatable but I think he can also have a bad day. There are some guys also that, if they play good, like (Marat) Safin, like (David) Nalbandian, can push him. But, at the moment, he is playing like he cannot lose.

What are your relationships with the others players on the tour and with whom are you friends?
Charlotte Le Carlier, France

I'm friends with a lot of the Croatian guys and I go to dinners with them. I also know a lot of the Dutch guys because I spend a lot of time practicing in Amsterdam. It's nice to go out for a dinner and a drink with the other players.

What has been your best moment in tennis so far?
Siobhan Dunne, UK

There have been two - first beating Roger at Wimbledon because that was the first time I came to the big stage. Beating him there was a tremendous feeling. The other time was when I won the bronze medal in doubles at the Olympics because it showed what an effect that sport can have on people. A lot of Croatian people were out in the streets celebrating our win. Sport can make people at home really proud and happy.

How come players from Croatia almost always are big servers?
Jaideep Tiwari, India

First we are tall! That is the biggest advantage for fast serving. When you are tall you can't move fast like Lleyton Hewitt but you have other weapons - you can serve big and go for big shots.

What is your favourite football team?

I like to watch football a lot. My favourite team is Hajduk Split, my home team, but I spend a lot of time away and watch a lot of football on tv. When I was young I went to a lot of games back home, but now I like to turn on the tv and watch good games in the Italian, Spanish and English leagues.

Mario, do you have a girlfriend? Is it difficult to entertain a relationship while being a tennis player and travelling all the time?
Odile Crocro, Belgium

No, I don't have a girlfriend. So it's tough to answer the second question!

Is your greatest dream to win Wimbledon like your countryman and friend Goran Ivanisevic?
Dean Saumon-Sar, Norway

I grew up listening to Goran's answers to the question 'are you going to win Wimbledon', so Wimbledon has always been something special to me. All the four Grand Slam tournaments are special to me. Australia is the toughest conditions for me. Wimbledon has huge tradition, and I would like to be one day a part of that and try to do what my countryman did.

How do you try to throw off feeling nervous before matches?
William Stileman, England, UK

I always have some nerves but I've played a lot of matches and you try to put the nerves in a positive way. I have my ritual, I try to warm up, and wait, think how my opponent plays and how can I beat him. I think anyone who says that they are not nervous are lying because we are all human beings and nerves are normal.

I saw you play John McEnroe at the superset tennis at Wembley last year and would like to know your thoughts on his style of play? How would it hold up in today's ultra fast play? Having played both Federer and McEnroe who do you think has the most natural tennis ability?
Duncan Wood, France

That surface that they had in Wembley for the SuperSet was fairly quick. There are not so many surfaces like that on tour unfortunately. You could see us both serve and volleying and John, even now, for one set, is really tough. He showed that to me because I played really good tennis and I only won 9-7 in a very tight match. On one set on these courts, he is very tough. It's always tough to compare different generations, but both McEnroe and Federer are unbelievably loose and play with such ease that when you are watching at home you think tennis is easy!

When you were preparing for the match against Tim Henman at Wimbledon last year, did you feel pressured, or did you feel you were going to go out there and have fun as you had nothing to lose?
Camilla Gibbs, England

I think it's not the case that I had nothing to lose because I was in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, it was my first time, I was playing great. I wanted to go as far as I could. For sure it was a different experience for me and I played Tim, who is huge in England, and he had just had a great French Open. A lot of people thought he was going to win the tournament. The first set was very tight, I got a bit lucky in it, but after that I made very few mistakes. As soon as I got warm everything was fine.

What do you see as the main strength to your game and outside of tennis, who has given you the most inspiration to make it as a player?
Alex, England

My main strength is my serve and volley game because it's very rare that people have this attacking style of game. You have to combine a lot of things - you have to come into the net, slice and I think I showed last year that I can play all different surfaces. I played well in all the Grand Slams, and I want to get better.

For sure I wouldn't have started to play if it wasn't for my brother because I was with him when he was playing, just picking up the balls. As soon as I got older, I loved watching Goran, Becker, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in the Frankfurt Masters matches. That generation was serving-and-volleying all the time on faster surfaces and they were great players. It was real entertainment.


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Thanks pryss for posting the interview, it was good to read. :)

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OH MY GOD MY QUESTION GOT ASKED!!!!!! :D i can't believe it, it thought it was really rubbish! i'm so happy!
which question is yours? congrats! :)

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mine is the one about whether he thinks he could still beat Federer on grass and if he thinks anybody else can

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He answered my questions :banana: :toothy:

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