masters cup shanghai update

10-19-2002, 02:47 AM
While people are disappointed to see Masters Cup without Sampras, tournement director Michael Luevano says it will have an impact on the box office. A local paper has titled an article "Sorry, Shanghai!" to express the sadness. Sampras could have been the most favored player for fans in China. If Masters Cup has Sampras, Agassi, and Hewitt, it will be a perfect finale at least for Chinese fans. However, Luevano added that they are trying to invite Sampras to play next year's Heineken Open Shanghai to comfort the fans.

Another thing to be determined during the Cup is to decide the fate of the ATP Hong Kong event. It is said that this event will be moved to Beijing. Since the ATP in Shanghai and Hong Kong have the same time on the schedule in September or October, it is difficult to have two events at the same time in Mainland China unlike Hong Kong because Hong Kong is always considered a different market for sponsors. Many elements are unsure.