Top-ranked Hewitt withdraws from tournament in Spain

10-11-2002, 06:42 PM
Top-ranked Hewitt withdraws from tournament in Spain

October 11, 2002

Top-ranked Lleyton Hewitt pulled out of next week's Tennis Masters Series event in Madrid, Spain, citing illness.

Hewitt has had a virus since last week in Tokyo, where he lost in the quarterfinals to Paradorn Srichaphan.

``This is strictly a case of Lleyton following doctor's orders,'' Hewitt's agent, Tom Ross, said Friday. ``Hopefully, with sufficient rest and recovery, he will be able to compete in Paris in two weeks' time and be prepared to defend his title at The Masters Cup in Shanghai next month.''

10-11-2002, 06:53 PM
woops!! you posted the article as I was writing about this in Ace Tracker's thread. Anyway here is my response again.

Well Lleyton is sick. Again. So he's out of Madrid and Marat has a wonderful opportunity to catch up with a win in Madrid.

Also I would love for Marat to have a serious go at the #1 spot but I don't know how I would feel if he actualy gets it. I mean a #1 with only 1 title???? That would just prove all the critics right about how screwed up men's tennis is.

OK to all the conspiracy theorists out there! ;)

Conspiracy theory #1)how many of you think that Lleyton in his continuing his battle with the ATP and is trying to stick it to them by withdrawing?

Conspiracy Theory#2) How many of you think he withdrew just to be with Kim and help her improve her ranking?

Conspiracy#3) Lleyton knows he plays best when he is under pressure. Is this a subconscious attempt to allow Andre and Marat to catch up so that he has to bring his best sharpest weapons in Shanghai thereby making it easier for him? After all The Shanghai crowd is not likely to give him the negative/hostile feedback he thrives on.

For the record: I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THIS but my friend thinks that there has to be another reason for the "illness". He is a big conspiracy buff however so I usually don't pay him any mind.
But today he made me think.

10-11-2002, 07:13 PM
He gets sick a lot!

Okay, not trying to be mean. Hope he gets well soon and back to competition. He's required to come to tourneys to spank those players I don't like. :D

10-11-2002, 07:56 PM
I agree with you Vera

10-11-2002, 08:45 PM
I don't think those "illness" he gets are real. If someone got that sick so often, he will not be dominating the tour. Notice, he rarely gets sick when grandslams come around (except for Aus open 02).

I think the chicken pox during the Aus open, was probably real. But the other illnesses are a little suspect.

Knockers LaBroad
10-11-2002, 08:55 PM
Xombination of all 3, and he wants to drive to Linz next week!;)

10-11-2002, 10:50 PM
Originally posted by hail2guga
I don't think those "illness" he gets are real. If someone got that sick so often, he will not be dominating the tour. Notice, he rarely gets sick when grandslams come around (except for Aus open 02).

I think the chicken pox during the Aus open, was probably real. But the other illnesses are a little suspect.

He has had illness problems with viruses and stuff for a few years.

Ma. Estefania
10-11-2002, 10:58 PM
As Elke I think that it's a combiantion of all the 3 theories posted before.

10-11-2002, 11:24 PM
I DISAGREE with all 3 of them!!!

First of all, Lleyton is not one of those people who's afraid to speak his mind. If he was withdrawing from the Madrid tourney coz of his problems with the ATP, I believe he'd have said so. He doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks (which is one of many things I love about him ;) ) and is always honest.

Secondly, I don't think he withdrew to be with Kim. That's just silly. They've both been seeing each other since Jan 2000. They both understand that they can't see each other every week. Besides Lleyton is in Filderstadt already! :angel:

Here's an excerpt and a quote from Lleyton about that from his recent interview :
He says he doesn't resent the obvious restrictions on his high-profile relationship with fellow tennis star Clijsters.
Hewitt and Clijsters are often apart as they follow their respective tours. They meet regularly in Belgium between tournaments.
``I don't really think, `If we both weren't tennis players, what would we be doing?' '' he said.
``We wouldn't have met (if not for tennis). It doesn't really worry me."

And a quote from Kim :
" We can't be together every week, but that is what makes it so special."
Let's throw this conspiracy out the window shall we? ;)

And finally, I'm pretty sure that he's not doing this because he performs better under pressure. He is hands down the most competitive, intense and focused player on the tour right now. He'd never miss a tourney on purpose ever!

I have to comment on suggestions that he's lying about being sick. How many of you actually know about his illness? He had an infection for the first time back in 2000. He's someone who'll play even if he's sick unless the doctors ask him not to. Example for ya : He was to play DC finals in spain and got sick. During his 1st rubber against Costa his condition got worse. It was a nightmare. :sad: He couldn't breathe and he was shaking. Newk would ask him to let go of his negative energy and he'd get up and play the next 2 games. Amazingly, he went on to win that match in 5 sets! :D It was a heroic effort!

His infection comes and goes. He's been to doctors all over the world to figure out why it happens but they haven't been able to. He lives through that. And looks like the chicken pox has affected his immune system to add to that. :sad:
Please stop making accusations if you don't know the facts.

And the chicken pox was "probably" real? :rolleyes: He DID have chicken pox ! Day before he was diagnosed , he fought off a severe fever to help guide Australia to a second-round win against Argentina at the hopman cup but had to withdraw the next day. He was sick before this year's US Open too. That's why his accomplishments are so incredibly special! :hearts:

I hope this newest virus has nothing to do with that one and he recovers soon. I know he will! He's a fighter! :D

Come on Lleyton! :bounce: GET WELL SOON sweetheart! :kiss:

10-11-2002, 11:53 PM
Well said. :kiss:

10-12-2002, 01:13 AM
re: conspiracy #3: It is actually the only one which to me makes a bit of sense because I really do believe that SUBCONSCIOUSLY Lleyton does bring that extra special something when he is under pressure. It doesn't mean that he tanks or does not always play with intensity. As I've stated before Lleyton spent his formative child hood years fighting against bigger, more intimidating older opponents in both tennis and Aussie football. he's got the fight/flight instint honed and ready to flip on in pressure situations. In his case the fight instinct. I don't think he's aware of it. Look at the flowerbashing incident at RG. the French crowd immediatel began to boo him and I think he went on to win the next game at love.

Now I may be attributing to much complexity to Lleyton when actually he may be a simple soul with an unatural ability to thrive when pressed or my amateurish attempt at psychological insight may simply be wrong but believe that Lleyton is a highly complex individual who like Marat is driven by extraordinary forces. Which is one of the reasons beside the tennis that I find them both so fascinating.

My theory about Marat is also based on his childhood. Having been sent away from home at 14. The teen years being a crucial time in the maturing process this may have contributed to
1) his inability to keep a coach. he has been on his own for a long time. I don't see him being very receptive to anyone/any "authority" figure telling him what to do. Particularly when his parents the original authority figures sent him away "for his own good". I've read a few opinions where the experts suggest that Brad Gilbert would be good for Marat. I really don't think so. Look what happened with Wilander and Mats is not as abrasive as Gilbert. Bad idea.
2) his inability (so far anyway) to push throuh the bad moments in a match. Where Lleyton only has a fight mode Marat seems to have a flight mode. The way he sometimes loses concentration in the middle of a game!!! let alone a match is flabbergasting. This could again be a result of the instability he must have suffered not only being away from home in a different country but also having to worry about money/housing etc...

They really are the most fascinating characters in mens tennis.

10-12-2002, 03:31 AM
As for the chickenpox, if they weren't real, how do you explain the spots? ...and it was obvious that they weren't fake drawn on spots that a kid would use to get out of going to school

King Aaron
10-12-2002, 09:13 AM
This is evil but yay!! :bounce: ;)

10-12-2002, 10:18 AM
lol at Aaron.

10-13-2002, 01:36 AM
Does any of you allow a possibility that Hewitt actually might have a potential for an early burnout? He played with a lot of intensity from the very start of his career, it takes a lot of mental strength, and knowing how difficult it is, I think that it could be the case that he is not as tough mentally now as he used to be. Remember his last big match. That was USO semis against AA. He has a look of a tired person, with very little reminding his last year intensity. Very few "Com'n"s.. For me it surely looks like he is not the same as last year.

10-13-2002, 04:14 AM
Unfortunately, yes. Hewitt is starting to look like a candidate for early burnout....but in relation to him getting sick all the time. This has nothing to do with the loss to Agassi. Hewitt is playing a reduced number of tournaments next year, so hopefully that will help

10-14-2002, 05:37 PM
I don't think Very few C'mon's indicate less of an intensity. If you saw last year's finals against Sampras Lleyton yelled C'mon only once after he won the 1st set. He was very quiet throughout the match. Same against Henman at Wimby. He is just not letting go after every point like he used to when he was younger. He waits for the big points or a break point in order to conserve energy.

As for his match against Agassi at this year's USO, he clearly wasn't at his best. He wasn't playing particularly well coming in to that match. And he had a really bad cold the week before. If you see videos of his interviews after 1st and 2nd round at the uso site, he sounds like he was sick. He was asked about it too.

I guess there's a possibility that he might get buned out. But he's already taking actions to prevent it. He's going to play less tourneys next year. That'll certainly help him in the long run. I don't think he'll ever be any less metally tough than he's right now! :D

Go Nalby
10-15-2002, 02:56 AM
I think Lleyton is doing the right thing, and I don't believe this has anything to do with burnout. If anything, it shows that he is planning for the future of his career. There's no sense in letting a cold turn into an even bigger illness because he's worried about his ranking.

Get well soon, Lleyton!

10-15-2002, 01:33 PM
Originally posted by C'mon_Lley
I don't think Very few C'mon's indicate less of an intensity.

I don't think so either. I was referring to him getting sick all the time

10-15-2002, 09:15 PM
the Potato is sick again????? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

10-15-2002, 11:27 PM
untitled2284, I was responding to the comment by y_s not you. Just thought I'd clear that up. :)

10-16-2002, 01:37 AM
OK, sorry...and Tennischick, yeah, Lleyton is sick again. Lleyton and Kim keep passing on their illnesses to eachother.