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Ninja was on vacation, but chose to stay home and enjoy spending time with the other spies at the Swiss Peace Corps, which is the headquarters of the spy agency veiled under an different agency department. It is Switzerland’s way of maintaining it’s neutral image around the world but still able to secretly carry our missions designed to protect the free world. Ninja was in the middle of defending his air hockey title at the agency when all of a sudden a call came in for him.

The director had yet another mission for him. Ninja told him he was on vacation and there is no way he would do it. The director then informed him that they personally requested Ninja for this mission. His curiously asked about the mission and the director was more than happy to fill him in. During the political convention in New York, the secret service uncovered some kind of satanic cult activity and needed Ninja to investigate it due to them being busy with other security measures. Ninja agreed to do it but only if the agency would give him the rest of the year off. The director made the deal due to the fact that this year Ninja had accomplished more missions than ever before.

Ninja arrive in New York state in America a day later. He was given instructions to meet up with his cow Juliette in Watertown, which is a small city in northern New York. She had a document in her cow bell that Ninja needed in order to find out where he had to begin looking for clues. He also had to purchase her from the farmer she was sold to and take her to a farm owned by a former FBI agent. Ninja bought her and took her to the FBI agent’s farm. Once there he took the document from her bell. It was placed in there by an secret service agent on the case. Ninja learned that there was brutal murder in Harlem and where the location was. This murder was done in fashion of a satanic ceremony. Ninja was assured upon leaving that Juliette would be safe and to be careful because there was rumors that this cult has crossed Ninja’s path before.

Ninja arrived in Harlem mid morning the next day. He was not wearing his ninja outfit since it was not night. He wore a black shirt and cream pants along with black karate slippers. He had taken his fashion sense from his hero Bruce Lee and was hoping to do some shopping in the city to make this as much of a vacation as he possibly could. He crossed the police lines in a run down project housing unit; he was looking for clues about the brutal murder. Most of the evidence was taken away and Ninja was brief on all of it. As he was looking around he noticed that he was not alone; he heard footsteps in the basement where the murder took place. Ninja made his way down to the basement and saw two members of this cult. There names were Costa and Baghdatis. They took off their robes and ran after the holy hero. Ninja blocked Costa’s blows and hip tossed him to the floor and Baghdatis attacked Ninja from behind but was stopped thanks to Ninja’s side-sweep take down. Costa came running but Ninja palmed his nose with great force thus breaking it. Costa fell down and was out cold. Baghdatis got up and Ninja pelted his legs with ninja stars which slowed him down and brought the enemy to his knees. Ninja moved behind him and snapped his neck. Upon dying Baghdatis disappeared into thin air. Ninja found this very strange. He went back over to Costa to ask him some questions but that coward took his own life by plunging a dagger into his heart. He too disappeared into thin air. Ninja was left with no clues but knew that the clues would somehow find him.

Ninja went back home to Watertown to report what he found and to get ready for a night survey of the housing project where the cult members were. He told the FBI agent about what happened and they also would have undercover agents scout about Harlem for any further activity from this evil cult. He checked up on Juliette before leaving and that night he made his way back into the city.

Ninja in his black outfit moved through the night like swiftly and undetected. He sensed that maybe he should visit the cemetery in Harlem. The land of the dead was eerily quiet. He suspected that a satanic cult would use such a place as a hideout. He found a big mausoleum and entered it. There before him was Santoro. An dark evil shaman performing a dark ritual. He knew all about this shaman, he is a magical enemy who has powers to raise the dead and control minds. Ninja watched him for a minute before slowly approaching him; Santoro turned around and spotted him. He didn’t seem too upset. Ninja wanted to know why he was here and more about that murder. Santoro revealed the ambitious plot of the cult. Their evil imp master Hewitt was out to revive famous warriors of the past to use them for his evil army to conquer the world. The murder was a sacrifice to summon up a powerful warrior. Now that Ninja knew the truth, Santoro had to kill him before Ninja could foil their plot. Ninja whipped out his sword and Santoro threw purplish black ball of fire at him which Ninja cut through with his sword. The dark shaman began to amp up the pace of casting and sending his dark fireballs towards Ninja, but it didn’t matter because Ninja’s sword swinging only got swifter and Santoro began to get really mad. Finally he started to mix up the pace and adding curves to his fireballs hoping to overwhelm Ninja. Ninja focused all of his energy on cutting through on fireball at a time till there was no more. Santoro was out of energy and drained of his magic for the time being. Ninja walked up the him and the shaman was huffing and puffing. Ninja lifted up his head by pressing his fingers up against his chin. Santoro was staring into the eyes of his angel of death and Ninja sent him over to the other side by impaling him with his sword.

As Ninja began to leave, he felt someone coming. He got into his stance and was ready for war. A zombie looking sage walked in. His name was Andre Agassi. He had died not too long ago and was a powerful fighter and a very wise man. Ninja knew this battle was going to be his toughest since Andre would now be stronger as an undead. Andre drew out his claymore sword and the battle began. Ninja cut deep into Andre’s thigh but it had little impact as he expected. Andre then started to get mad and was swinging so freely and Ninja could do little but block and block and block. Andre finally landed a cut on Ninja’s ribs and was not slowing down. Ninja did all he could to take back and was able to pull off a stab into Andre’s left arm. This too had little impact and Andre countered by swiping a cut into Ninja’s right shoulder. Ninja knew he could not last much longer fighting this way so he move away from the zombie and began pelting him with ninja stars and knives. After one landed in Andre’s eye, he began to falter and swing about with no clue as to Ninja’s whereabouts. Suddenly he was getting slashed all over and his body began to fall apart and soon enough he dropped to the ground and groaned to a slow painful death. Ninja was in pain to see such a great warrior being uses as a tool for such an evil demon like Hewitt. He walked out of the graveyard even more determined to end this once and for all.

Ninja contacted the FBI and let them know what he found. They went to investigate the cemetery and Ninja went back to Watertown to regroup. When he made his way into the farmhouse he saw the ex FBI agent down and mortally wounded. His last words were “Juliette they took her”. Ninja ran out to the field to find her but only found a note saying where she was and to come alone. Ninja went to the haunted church in town and made his way in the alter cautiously. Tim Henman a turncoat UK agent was there waiting for him. He told Ninja that he was the who killed the farmer and stole Juliette. He did it for his new boss evil imp Hewitt. Ninja asked him while he sold his soul to Hewitt. Tim replied that he was desperate for the Gods of the Holyland to show him affection and bless him but they never did so now he will help Hewitt destroy the Holyland and the rest of the world. Ninja charged up to him and gave him a jump kick which threw Henman several feet across the room. Henman got up and fire his gun but Ninja quickly move out of the way. Henman was stunned and Ninja told him he was train to dodge lightening so he can dodge bullets as well. He pull out a ninja knife and threw it into Henman’s hand that was holding the gun. He dropped it and then Ninja grabbed him and took him over to the holy water and began dunking his head into it as a way to make him talk. Henman didn’t say anything so Ninja ended up drowning him in the water.

Ninja began walking around the church looking for Hewitt. He went down into the basement and to his horror found Juliette moments away from being sacrifice by none other than the dark wizard Brad Gilbert. Ninja threw a ninja star into his back and Brad dropped the dagger. Hewitt and Brad turned around and saw that Ninja was here to stop them. Hewitt brought Brad back to life in exchange for his services. Brad cowardly disappeared leaving the evil imp to fight his own battle. Hewitt was so upset. He was seconds away from bringing back to life Ninja greatest foe David Nalbandian. He knew Ninja from when they were teenagers training for combat. David took a dark path and became a famous thief and Ninja rarely was able to stop him. Hewitt was going to revive him and send him on a mission to kill Ninja. Ninja killed him in one of his mission early in the year but the thought of facing a zombie of David made him very nervous. Hewitt then ran up to pick up the dagger to kill Juliette anyway, but Ninja ran down and grabbed his arm and threw the evil imp across the room. Hewitt was down and out and Ninja began to untie his faithful cow. Ninja then got up and pulled out his sword, Hewitt stood up dazed and suddenly his arm was cut off cleanly by the holy hero. Hewitt was screaming in pain as acid began to drip from his body. Hewitt managed to squirt Ninja with some acid in his chest. Ninja was yelling in pain but manage to recover enough to finish the imp off by cutting a deep gash in his stomach. Hewitt dropped dead to the ground and burned away into a puddle of mush. Juliette dropped some holy grass from her collar which Ninja ate to cure the acid burns and scars. The grass came from the Holyland and could heal almost any wound. Ninja walked his cow out of the church which now was no longer going to be haunted.

Ninja and his cow went to the military airport to catch their flight home. The president of the USA was there to greet him and thank him for saving not only the city and country but the world once again. He gave Ninja a large silver trophy to reward him. Ninja gladly accepted it and strapped it on Juliette’s back and made their way home. He couldn’t relax because he knew that somehow he would cross paths with that evil cult again. Still he did get back to his vacation and this time he made sure his phone was off the hook.

I hope you enjoy it. No more for 2004. :) Can't do the Cup because Ninja killed Mac last year. Sorry, till next time. :)

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thankyou soooooo much Dirk~~

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Nice one Dirk :worship:

Looking forward to many more hopefully in 2005 :yeah:

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Cheers again Dirk. :yeah:
Ninja saves the day again

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You did it again... awesome job.

Any story with a ninja saving a cow has to be good... and damn hilarious.

01-16-2005, 02:30 AM
Not just any cow but his cow. :)

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Hopefully two weeks from today you will write another one about the cryptic cup of Oz :angel:

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Oh yes. NOw I just have to figure out how the cryptic cup that Ninja has gets back in Oz. MAYBE PERHAPS THAT EVIL IMP HEWITT STEALS IT??????? just a thought. ;) i must say it's not going to be as fun to kill andy anymore since brad can't be killed with him. :(

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Great! :yeah: :yeah:

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Ninja's already taken down the Magician!~!

I imagine a dangerous dingo is somewhere in his path though.