Does anybody here feel offended by fan fiction?

12-16-2004, 09:42 PM

Some of my friends on another board wrote a story about Marat in the 2002 off season. It's called a day in the life of....I wanted to post it here cause personally I find it hilarious, but some people might feel offended by it so I like your opinion on it first. Marat is a bi-sexual character in it and the love story is bizarre, but it's all in the good name of fun.

If you want to read it, I can post it here, but if the majority doesn't want to, I can link the interested people to it.

12-16-2004, 09:46 PM
lol it can be funny but some of things can be taken a bit too far

12-16-2004, 09:48 PM
He's in a relationship with Denis G and all girls (i shall not say who) want a piece of him. ;)

12-16-2004, 09:55 PM
ahaha lol
i read some wta/atp big brother and Marat ended up making out with everyone in the house and in a relationship with kim clisters

12-16-2004, 09:57 PM
Naturally, freedom of expression :angel:

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12-17-2004, 06:46 AM
Ah what the heck! I'm not the party spoiler here! Might it be too much for some younger ones here? :shrug:

Wednesday Addams
12-17-2004, 07:33 AM
errrrrrrrrrrr........ no, not really. And if it's good, why not? U can post it, Ilhame. It's fine by me.

12-17-2004, 08:56 AM
As someone who's spent number of years in Tolkien fandom (reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, composing archives and so forth), I'd say that I'm not thrilled with the concept of RPF. Quality-wise (and believe me, I'm speaking from vast experience) 99.9 per cent of all fanfiction is absolute, indiluted garbage - either nauseating porn or unfunny humour, sometimes both. It's one thing when bad authors mutilate imaginary characters though, and quite another when they lay thier hands on real people. I just imagine my feelings if I ever stumble upon such stuff written about me or someone close to me... ouch. It makes me, well, not ofended, exactly, but deeply embarassed for the author's sake.

Plus, Denis? Ew.

All that is a long-winded way to say that I don't mind if you post it here. Gauging first couple of sentences is usually enough to decide if the whole piece is worthy of reading. If not, no-one is forcing me to read any further, now are they?

12-17-2004, 08:58 AM
Here it goes, I'll post it bit by bit

the following piece was inspired by some wackos from other Safin forum...

One of Marat fans wrote an essay about him,drooling over him without any shame.What made the 'masterpiece' even more funny were the quotes from Churchil...So Dina is responsible for starting a fan fiction called A day in the life of... where we totally let it go and tried to master the perfect fan style while writing about your fave player.Oh yeah,we also take turns in writing this gay porn. Maybe some of you have already read it,maybe some of you are tired of it,those who haven't read it will probably find it hard to understand and not funny.But what's the most important thing is that we had so much fun creating it. And this is the place to put it.

12-17-2004, 08:59 AM
A day in the life of...part 1 by Dina

At 11 am on May 5th in Monte Carlo the sunlight streamed through thw window revealing the huge frame of the oaf, sprawled out on his bed, the oaf moved to put the covers back over his head but Denis Golovonov his lover urged him out of bed as it was time to go to the practice court.

" Ay Caramba".....Bart Simpson

The oaf groaned and moaned and moved listlessy like a neanderthal with carbohydrate deficiency. After rabbing something to eat the oaf and his lover went to the practice court, holding hands and looking soulfully into each others eyes. The oaf unwound his amazing'l buffed body into some loose serves and gradually started to go though his routine of backhand o forehand to backhand when oh no.....his lover got hit by a wayward ball and fell in a heap to the ground. Oaf stopped shellshook he ran like the wind to Denis' side.

12-17-2004, 09:02 AM
A day in the life of...part 2 by Michal aka Mr Finnhaterman

His sprint could only have been matched by a gazelle galloping through the breathtaking steppes of Africa. It was maybe 10 seconds, but for him it felt like the eternity of endless torture and sorrow until he reached his lover spread on the court, just like that one time on the sandy beach, when they were exploring each other greek god bodies. One detail was different though, his dearest Denis had his luscious, soulfull eyes wide open staring at the Sun. That could mean only one thing!Oaf turned his head to the blue spring sky and let out a loud cry with his deep manly voice:"Why I keep hearing ringing in my head?..."

" A little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor, some vodka that'll jumpstart my heart quicker "....Marshall Mathers

At 11 am on May 5th in Monte Carlo the sunlight streamed through the window revealing the huge frame of the oaf. The alarm clock was like a Spanish claycourter, trying to thrive on his inability to perform. With the satin pillow over his head, he tried to grope the devlish invention. One could only watch those muscles flexing in utter amazement. Hadn't he drunk so many shots of tequila, he would have been up to the task. Just not today, plus that horrific dream he woke up from, with his tense body bathed in sweat. He could make out another irritating sound in the background. It seems somebody indulged in pleasures of the morning refreshing shower. And suddenly all unimaginable events of last night dawned on him.

12-17-2004, 09:06 AM
A day in the life of...part 3 by Dina

As the water ran like the trickling of a stream oaf put his hand over his head. "Aiyiyi!!!" he croaked in his deeply erotic muscovite drawel as the events of last night came flooding back. Yes last nigh was the ATP awards. and OMG he suddenly remembered as the effects of the tequila slammers mixed with wodka started to unfog his head. The ATP honoured the champions from he previous year. Oh no that can't have happened oaf thought. He seemed to remember the evening started off happily enough. everybody was there, Pete sampras and Bridgitte, adre and Steffi, Potato and his bird, Hewitt and Clijsters. all drawn to this event by the honour of the occasion and the cartier watch for the other half and appearance money. Oaf had attended with a lady he had met o his wa their. 'What was her name??? he scratched his head but no he could not remember. Anyway she was blonde wearing hotpants and a skimpy top that pushed her nipples up so they were pointing at the ceiling. Oaf patted himself on the back for his unwavering fine taste as regarding the opposite sex.

'we are the cheky girls, we are the cheeky girls (touch my bum)...the cheeky girls

As they walked in through the door Oaf was most pleased as all the other players were eyeing up is bird, in particular Ferrero who had come on his on as he was too shy chat up Monte Carlo's finest. Dumping whassername in the corner oaf proceeded to get the drinks in. At the bar also getting the booze in was Llleyton Hewitt, later to be honoured ITF male player of the ear. Oaf's manly body towered over this pipsquak of a runt. Nudging oaf in the side he garnered oaf's attention. Bending down so they were ear to ear Hewitt shreake 'hey Marat nice sheila you got there mate!' Oaf proudly saif 'Yes, they cannot resist my animal magnetism'. Behind the wo as Kim Clijsters hewitts long term girlfriend, impatiently waiting for her man o get the drinks in. 'Coming princess' he croaked. Surveying the room oaf took the surroundings in. At one table was sittin Pete Sampras and his Wife Bridgitte, and Andre an Steffi. Oaf thought Steffi was looking mighty fine. Bridgitte was looking extremely board as Andre and Steffi were playing leg rubbing under the table. Bridgite was looking at her nails. 'Like OMG one of them has cracked'. Pete was discussing babywalkers with Agassi. Moving on Potato was chatting with Ferrero, and Tim and Lucy were sitting with Carlos Moya and his girlfriend Patricia discusing the state of the middle east. Meanwhile oaf's friend was getting fidgety in the corner as was her top which was now even lower. 'Yoo Hoo Maratik' she screeched. Oaf went back to join whassername as he award ceremony was about to begin.

12-17-2004, 10:34 AM
A day in the life of...part 4 By Michal

Suddenly he was brought back to reality by a familiar squeak. Unwilingly he lifted his eyelids and glanced at the half opened bathroom door. Normally he would rush there and kick the pathetic behind of the loser playing with his rubber duck, but so far he seemed to sleepwalk through this morning. Maybe he should have made an attempt to raise his bulk of sore muscles. But it's not like the mysterious creature wouldn't manifest itself from the unfathomable depths of his hotel bathroom after the delights of this aqua adventure. So Oaf decided to recollect some more what he had experienced during the unforgettable star studded night leading up to this sceanrio.

"Hit me baby one more time"....Britney Spears

Where was he?Ah yes,the ceremony was about to start,so accompanied by wassername he sat opposite Carlos and his babe. He spotted Marcelo at the table in front of them and it seemed this shameless midget was trying to steal Oaf's most eligible bachelor title by bringing 2 foxy god creations with him. As if he was reading his mind, Carlos whispered in Spanish 'One he found in Wales, the other is from America, Ohio I think'. Still he had his ,damn wassername, and he intended not to waste any more time. Afterall he was an overly horny stud, whose desires weren't accustomed to bide their time. he was drawn to the fire and fancied being burnt occasionally, so with one amazingly swift move his hand disappeared in the abyss under the table.He set off on the knee of wassername, to move up at incredible pace. Quite muscular thigh, but that thought was quickly dismissed. He was reaching his destination...'Here comes...WTF???!!!'. That he hadn't expected!

12-17-2004, 10:36 AM
A day in the life of...part 5 By Dina

Oaf's sweaty hands were firmly placed on whassername's upper thigh when just as he was reaching his destination "WTF", it wasn't whassername it was Kim Clijsters!!!. Removing his hand with rapid haste from her knickers oaf hastened to make a quick getaway but before he could move Clijsters grabbed him. Rubbing her hand up his six pack she whispered. " Marat baby! Give it to me! I need a real man" she said looking in the direction of her boyfriend who was playing with his bowtie.

" It's gettin hot in herre, so take off all your clothes.... I am gettin so hot, i wanna take my clothes off".....Nelly

Tempted as he was oaf just couldn't get motivated for the task at hand. Even though she was blonde a little voice in oaf's head said 'don't do it, she's sleeping with the enemy. Releasing himself from her grasp oaf smiled that seductive sexy smile and said "I think you have had too much to drink". Over in the corner Marcelo Rios and his two stunning companions were being rather rowdy. The two ladies were ripping the clothes off of Rios back while he was doing handstands on the able. Taking his seat the two doyennes of the evening, Mark Petchey and Chris bailie took to the stage to get the ceremony underway.

12-17-2004, 10:37 AM
A day in the life of....Part 6 By Jolanda

Marat takes his seat and promptly orders himself a vodka martini to wash away the thought of Kimmy and that fact that she has encountered the DNA of a man that endorses TP. Marat looks at the others at his table. He notices both Steffi and Andre has dazed, goofy looks on their faces. He slightly leans closer to only notice the two of them have their hands in each others lap sota speak. He is amused. While he is taking an interest in the couples' "playing" he feels hands slowly moving up his thigh. He thinks it's his companion what's her face, but to his surprise it Bridgette Wilson Sampras.

12-17-2004, 10:39 AM
A day in the life of....part 7 By Michal

He paused his journey down the memory lane for a second bedazzled-his animal magnetism could have lured every single female at the banquet into his water bed.But could that be Bridgette,every inch of her firm silky body covered in foam,crystal drops cascading down her magnificent frame,and steam surrounding that heavenly creature,like a light morning mist.Damn,that daydream aroused him to the extent that he would have exploded if he hadn't been so uncannily worn out.He could only lie there torpidly and give rein to his imagination.

'Boom,boom,boom,boom,I want you in my room'....Venga Boys

Oaf realized that the mystery would be solved before long and found himself anew sunk in thoughts concernig last nights' events.As much as he was flattered by the affection evinced by foxy Mrs Sampras, he had his code of honour,even if it only had 3 primordial rules. And one of them stated he should shun married ladies, especially mothers. So he excused himself courteously from the table and hastened to the restroom,hoping he could offer some relief to his growing urges.How shocked he was when he walked into the toilet.

12-17-2004, 11:57 AM
A day in the life of....part 8 By Lana

But first, brief dialog with Bridgette flashed in his mind."What do you want from me, Bridge? Isn't Pete good enough for you?" Bridgette: "Well, you know.. When Pete and I ... um.. play tennis his points are too quick... Yes, he has a big, powerful ... um serve, but the one, maybe two and that's it, I'm done, babe! I like when you, guys,, play long rallies like back-forth, know.." M:" You should try some Spanish or S.American guys. Marcelo is the good candidate!" B:" Yeah, I know, but I can't compete with those two brunette ladies he brought to a party." M:" What about Lleyton? He can run every ball and prolong .. um.. points forever." B:" But what about QUALITY of points!" All are not cooks that walk with long knives. - Russian proverb M:" Andre's .. points are very high quality." B:" That is true, but when we play tennis he seems like he is not with me, because he is repeatedly saying "F*ck you, Pete!" during our match..." M:" Well, Yevgeniy has so much respect for Pete!" B:" Yeah, but Yevgeniy usually wants me to play tennis with the whole Russian Davis cup team including Shamile Tarpischev and Boris Yeltsin." Marat paused for a moment scratching his head and thinking:" Yeah, she is right, looks like I'm the best: I have a big serve, can play long rallies, they are high quality, I'm not hanging with brunettes, the only thing I would share with Yeltsin is vodka and I have a respect for Pete. Well, maybe more than just respect. But the point is: Bridgette, babe, why do you think that if I have a choice to ... um .. play tennis with someone from Sampras family it would be you?! " This thought brought him back to that shocking scene he witnessed when he walking into a toilet

12-17-2004, 11:59 AM
A day in the life of... part 9 By Jolanda

When Marat enters the restroom he seems Pete in the corner mumbling endlessly to himself," Why did he have to bring Blondie to the event?"

: Nelly's Dilemma starts to play: "No matter what I do, you know I am crazy over you. Even though I'm with my boo..."

Pete still mumbling endlessly oblivious to Safin's presence. "He acts like I don't exist. Things would be so much better if Blondie was not there. Of course things would be so easy if Bridgette wasn't here either. Yeah she is a hottie, but that is it. Why can't she be like all other tennis gilrfriends and wives?" "Why can't she just show up to tourneys, look pretty and pretend to care about my career? No she has to be the loving, supporting wife! Damn her!! Lord =I pray that Extreme Opts be a hit!! That way she will have something to do. I can be closer to my man, provided there is not Blondie to occupy him" After hearing that rants of Pete. Marat gets a smirk on his face and he thinks to himself. " Why did I have to bring Blonde whatherface?" "Why is Hewy's girl hitting on me?" "Why did Pete bring Bridge?". The Adrenaline starts to rush(no pun intended for Rush). Could it be that the Slam Man is feeling for Safin? With excitement Safin starts to head toward Pete to lead comforting hand sorta speak. That excitement turns to disappointment when he hears Pete say," Am I a chimp to this man? When we hugged after the USO, I thought we could finally be friends. I thought he actually blew a kiss to me when he was blowing kisses. Damn Andre, why did he have to bring that Blondie Steffi!!!"

12-17-2004, 12:02 PM
A day in the life of ......part 10 By Dina

Crushed that Pete had repressed feelings for andre instead of his sexy self, oaf ran out of the toilet in tears. As it happened straight into the bosom of the foxy Mrs sampras. Meanwhile the two doyennes of the evening had just announced Lleyton Hewitt as the player of the year. " About bleeping time" . Getting up from his seat while scratching his ass and giving a manly belch the toilet pony made his way to the stage. A tribute soon apeared on the screen " Lleyton my man!!!" said a delusional Australian voice. "I love you Lley!" he said wiping away tears. "Your the greatest since Connors and Rosewell. NUMBER 1 FOR 51 WEEKS!"

" can you tell who it is yet ".....Rolf Harris

At this point Steffi Graf removed her stiletto from her curvacios ankle and threw it at the stage! " Bog off you annoying twerp" she cried as the point of her shoe hit the bullseye. Hewitt's family Jewels (hehe:)) Everyone cheered.

'my friend there is nothing so sexy as a woman when she is angry or even throwing things".....Marat Safin

Still seeking comfort in the warmth of the foxy B's chest Oaf gathered himself and ordered another wodka. But then.....seeing this scene Pete walked out of the toilet. " WTF are you doing with my wife!" he yelled. " Calm down patchy retorted Dre! "You calling me patchy" retorted Pete! "That's it you bald midget. Climbing on the table Sampras proceeded to beat the cr@p out of Agassi. As per usual (hehe:)). Amidst this angst Steffi had siezed the opportunity to try it on with oaf who she had always lusted after. Seeing this the Foxy B cornered her. " Hands off, the big sexy Russian IS MINE!". Amidst the commotion Oaf had made his way over to Lleytomn Hewitt being the generous soul he was and was applying first aid to his family Jewels. And happened. Among the commotion, from out of the shadows climbing over the prostate bodies like a freeze frame, oaf's jaw dropped, he couldn't believe his eyes! It was ? yelling " shut up, there's something i have to say!" At that moment plunged back to reality the running water stopped. A hand was placed onthe doorknob

12-17-2004, 12:06 PM
A day in the life of...part 11 By Michal

Finally, the identity of his mysterious pixie would be disclosed,he let out a sigh of relief. Good, cause he was starting to envision most peculiar denouements. Oaf struck sparks out of his maltreated body and leaned on his elbows to get a better view of that passionate phantom emerging from the fog.However his curiosity wasn't to be satisfied at that moment, as unexpectedly the phone rang, and it seemed to startle his bath tub guest.

"I just called to say I love you"....Stevie Wonder

Oaf lazily picked up the receiver-he felt as if the weight of the whole globe was carried by his bruised arm. Yes,bruised arm he had,and in the glittering sheet of the closet mirror he had just spotted a hickey on his made for love bites neck. He realized that he needed to explore his abused flesh more extensively, but first thing first, and he became aware that he must have taxed his caller's patience. In a husky voice he inquired what the person wished to impose upon him, only to learn it was a receptionist informing that all the delicacies for 6 persons' breakfast would be arriving shortly.

"I'm going slightly mad"....Freddie Mercury

It felt like a bucket of cold water being poured on his constrained by hangover and qualms of conscience head. That was a boost he yearned for ever since he had been awakened. He still couldn't summon up the image of the events that occured in that room, so he got his mind back on the recollection track.

"What's going on the world today"....D12

Yes, it was her-wassername-she seemed to be in a frenzy,which was nothing unusal, and more notably her attire was missing few elements. However when that sunk in, he couldn't have failed to catch sight of the few details he refused to perceive at the moment they met. 'One of these days my uncontrollabe desires will punish me' he thought. Everyone watched in amazement as the events unfolded, only Oaf was left in the state of anxiety whether he should take steps to spare further embarassment. After all it was him who appointed her?him?it! as his date...damn wassername!

12-18-2004, 02:52 PM
A day in the life of...part 12 By Lana

When Marat finally was able to open his eyes he found himself alone standing in a center of a big room. Marat looked around a room and saw nobody except Kim and whatssaname sitting naked and playing chess. Marat muttered "That is a f*cking surprise!" but decided not to bother girls. Instead he went upstairs to find someone to hang out. He saw a long corridor with many doors on its both sides. He opened a first door that said "Massage Room". It was a dark room with many aroma candles and Marcelo laying on the bench in the middle. Two ladies were working on him: one with curly hair was massaging his knee and rolling her eyes. The other one with Burgundy hair was standing by Marcelo's head. when Marat walked into the room she quickly tried to hide some bottle behind her back. But in a split moment Marat caught the label on the bottle that said "Shampoo for Oily Hair". "I knew it!" he thought but he said aloud:"Don't worry, ladies. Your secret buried with me" and softly closed the door. Next door said "Hair Salon" and it was a bright sunny room with very loud Carribean music. James Blake was sitting on the floor and very young beautiful girl was dancing around him and braiding his hair the same time. She screamed " Braid number 979!". James jumped and joined the girl in her hot lambada. Belts made of palm leaves were the only things that both were wearing. "Kids!" was Marat's thought and he proceed to the next door. The sign said "Marriage License Burou (sp)" and at first scared Marat wanted to skip that door but he heard his that someone speaks Russian in that room. "Zhenya, what are you doing here?" he asked his Davis Cup teammate when he saw hot redhead holding Zhenya's leg and stroking the scar from the recent varicous vein surgery. "She wants me to be her jubilee husband number 10! And after that she said I can finally retire!" Marat quickly receded from that room as redhead started winking and looking at him with hunting interest. He bumped into another room with a sign "Sampras-Agassi rivalry. Scenes behind the closed door." Intrigued Marat looked at the keyhole and saw Steffy and Bridgette rolling on the floor and pulling each other hairs. His inner voice was telling Marat not to go there and he decided to follow especially that the next door that said "Las Vegas Girl" looked much more promising. But he was too late. The girl in the room looked so happy. Her smile was so beautiful and so bright especially in contrast with her chokolade skin . The only other thing that was shining even more than her eyes was the bold scull of the man she was holding. "I finally found someone in my life!" she sang. Marat left the room, closed the door and fixed the door sign adding "... and the Boy". This changed Marat's set of mind to a romantic mood. " Maybe I have to find someone too..." But nature call forced him to open a door that said "Toilet". The scene he saw there stunned him. Pieces of toilet paper flying everywhere did not let him see clearly what was going on , but there were two men, one of them was Lleyton. Another was with fanatically opened eyes screamed:"More, .... one more , ...more, yes, baby, ... I want you more, ... one more ...week as a world number 1!" After Marat relieved himself he decided to go downstairs. He noticed a small door under stairs looked like a closet. I was very dark room and it smelled coffee inside. Marat saw Pete holding a cup of smoking coffee in one hand and hugging a very skinny girl with another. They were looking at each other with love in their eyes. Girls was playing with Pete's hairy chest and murmuring :" Pete... God... Bridge.... bitch....Safin.... jerk..." Last word woke Marat up and he decided to leave closet room before that happy birds saw him. The only room left was "Library". Marat quietly opened it trying not to disturb its habitant. It was a slim tall guy sitting at the table and writing something in the notebook. What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! how infinite in faculties! in form and moving, how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! --From Hamlet (II, ii, 115-117) Marat noticed a couple books: Webster, Polish-English dictionary, "Be a writer in 21 days", "English writing for Advanced Non-English speakers", etc. Computer displayed internet. site " What are you doing, man?" Marat asked. "I am writing a part 13 of a story about you" was the answer. "Well, I will tell you whatever you want to know about me..." whispered Marat locking the door....

12-18-2004, 02:53 PM
A day in the life of...lucky part 13 By Michal

All those peculiar images crossing his mind, felt like an assault by a swarm of wasps. It was utterly identical experience to his blackouts on the court, when he found himself out of the blue executing desperate drop shots.But during those eternal 5 seconds nothing had altered-wassername in the centre of attention occupied the stage and her imperfections were on public display.Wassername was yelling histerically'The judgement day is coming!The evil seed is taking over the world of tennis!'

"It's the end of the world and we know it"....REM

Once again brought back to reality,amused and tranquil,Oaf resolved to examine his aching bulk of perfectly sculptured muscles.After raising his satin bed cover what couldn't have passed unnoticed were all those red dots on his hubba bubba six pack. It reminded him of a strawberry field in his homeland and his night escapades with Denis-they adored to squash the red ripe fruit with their bare feet accompanied by the moonlight.Damn, he was digressing again.

"Underneath your clothes there's an endless story'....Shakira

The feisty beast responsible for those love bites had to be versed in her calling.In a jungle of the pinkish marks scattered all over his washboard stomach he failed or more plausibly refused to acknowledge the admirable sun tatooed around his belly button.WTF was that thing doing engraved on his immaculate milky skin. He knew he had to plunge back into humiliating memories of last night.And so he did.

12-18-2004, 02:54 PM
A day in the life of....part 14 By Dina

Judging that the situation had got out of hand

"the situation got out of hand i hope you can understand. It could happen to anyone of us ....Gareth Gates

Oaf decided to put astop to these proceedings. Taking a table napkin he gagged whasserface and dragged her into the closet, but as soon as he opened the closet door to his surpries he found it occupied by a Hungarian foxy lady and Pete Sampras engaged in some serious chest rubbig. Quickly closing the door he searched for a better place. Ah yes-the bin outside in the carpark would do nicely. Opening the door the coolnight air was like being hit by a breeze block. In the carpark to his surprise he saw the two ladies wh had accompanied Marcelo Rios and the SA himself. But what caught his eye was the fact that Rios was handcuffed and was being bundled into a car by these two agelic looking females. Getting in they revved up the engine an sped away into the distance. Opening the wheely bin he dumped whasserface inside. Whasserface seemed to be suffering from the effect's of several drinks. Ungagging her/him he said. I'll come and get you later. Making his way back inside the steamy atmosphere as soon as he was through the door he was accosted from behind. He felt himself being thrown off his feet. Being dragged from behind he found himself being towed into a dimly lit room. And then he was pleasantly surprised.It was Lucy Henamn, cospicuos for most of the evening ripping off Oaf's shirt revealing his droolsomebody which could have been sculpted by Michalangelo himself. Henman then pulled out from her G-string " Take me babe" she whispered. Show me what makes a great player. I've been stuck with mediocre journeyman for too long" Back to reality with a jolt it dawned on Oaf hat the culprit in the shower coul be ? Jumping up from his silky bed wearing nothing but his Calvin Klein kammi knickers he made for th door. Seizing the door handle he sped out faster than lighning and slammed the door closed locking whoever it was in hs room. In his zest he felt his foot plunge into something sticky. It was his breakfast which had been left outside his room. Jumping over the tray with a leap worthy of a Sampras slamdunk he desperately banged on his faithful Dennis' door.

12-19-2004, 06:53 AM

Some of my friends on another board wrote a story about Marat in the 2002 off season. It's called a day in the life of....I wanted to post it here cause personally I find it hilarious, but some people might feel offended by it so I like your opinion on it first. Marat is a bi-sexual character in it and the love story is bizarre, but it's all in the good name of fun.

If you want to read it, I can post it here, but if the majority doesn't want to, I can link the interested people to it.
lol, No I am not offended by fan fiction, but I dont often read fan fiction either.