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Lapentti Brothers

ae wowww
12-10-2004, 08:28 PM
Very surprised there was not already a thread for these chaps!

I heard that the Argentinean Press had said that nicolas is no longer coached by Mancini. His new coach is Alejandro Gattiker a former Argentinean Davis Cup coach. Giovanni's new coach is Gabriel Markus which is Coria's former coach.

Hope Nicolas gets "the guidance" that he needs since for a while he did not have a coach. I think that with a fresh start (and working hard) from the bottom up, he could still accomplish a lot during his last years as a pro. I am looking forward to see a more mature Giovanni for the 2005 season. We all know he has the talent, yet he currently lacks maturity/experience. Hope this is his breakthrough season.

Lastly , I hope they take their father's example who was a remarkable Basketball player.