Satellite Circuit

ae wowww
10-31-2004, 07:21 AM
This may seem a stupid question to some, but I have never been to a Satellite tourney (only futures, challenger, atp, and gs) so was wondering how the layout/format works. Looking through players results on, I noticed there tends to be four weeks to each satellite, but my query is --once you qualify intially, are you then entered to play for the whole satellite? And are they started R32 or R64(whatever) at the beginning of the week, down to a final again, do the dates flow e,g 1-7month 8-14, 15-21 and so on?
Please help somebody lol!

ae wowww
10-31-2004, 10:15 AM
So no-one knows then?

10-31-2004, 10:19 AM
b. Satellite Circuits
A player may apply for entry into one or more Satellite Circuits on one entry application, in which case he must indicate a priority. If no priority is stated, the ITF will assign a priority. Each player who enters a Circuit agrees to compete in the entire Circuit, including the Masters tournament, scheduled at the conclusion of the Circuit, if he should qualify therefor.

player may not apply for entry into a Satellite Circuit, qualifying or main draw, if he has entered and is committed to another tournament during the same four week period. Players may not enter individual weeks of a Satellite Circuit except as a Wild Card. Players may not accept a Wild Card into Week 3 only of a Satellite Circuit if their ranking would have made them a Direct Acceptance in Weeks 1 or 2. Players who have participated in Weeks 1 and 2 of a Circuit are automatically entered into Week 3 and the Masters. Players with sufficient Circuit Points for Direct Acceptance into Week 3 and/or the Masters cannot withdraw.

Horatio Caine
10-31-2004, 10:31 AM
The format is the same as for any tournament really. The draw is 32 draw but there are more qualifying places than normal (8) with 4 WCs. The circuit is 4 straight weeks i.e. 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28. However, the first 3 weeks are paramount in deciding who qualifies for the Masters leg i.e. #4. There are only 24 places available there (8 byes for the 8 seeds) and no qualifying or WCs issued. Thus there are 3 32-draw tournaments played back to back in as many weeks, down to a final - the equivalent of a player winning 3 back to back tournaments at ATP Level of 32 draw - a very tired player by the fourth week!!!

However, no player will play virtually everyday in the 4-week length of the satellite circuit. In Britain for instance, the Nottingham leg started on Tuesday and finished on Saturday with a round being played everyday between those days. Thus a player who dominates the circuit will still be able to rest 2 days of each week, minimising injury.

QUALIFYING FOR MASTERS. A player is rewarded for winning each round of a leg with circuit points which are converted into ATP points (they have about 1/3 value of an ATP point). So, if a player qualifies for week 1 he will get extra points and is likely to be able to get direct acceptance into at least the next week of the circuit as he will earn more points than a 1st round loser who has not qualified.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of the circuit see the top 8 players seeded according to how many CIRCUIT points they have won. Thus the world #1000 who has won the first week of the circuit would be seeded #1 of the next week and the world number 300 who was a losing semi-finalist would be seeded #3 or #4.

The 24 players who have the highest number of circuit points at the end of the 3 week qualifying period, are entered into the Masters draw.

So, in answering your question: -

1. If a player actually qualifies then so long as they win a round of the week2 tournament, they will have enough points to compete the first 3 weeks of the satellite.

2. If you mean "qualifies" as in just being high enofugh ranked to automatically enter the satellite then yes that player is down to play all 3 weeks of qualifying for the Masters and if he does well enough in those 3 weeks then he will qualifiy for the Masters and play the full 4 weeks.

A player who didn't sign up for the satellite week 1 tournament cannot join the satellite circuit in week 2. You have to be down to play the whole 3 weeks, either in the main draw or as a qualifier.

I went to the first leg of the Nottingham satellite this week (I'm a student at the uni across the road)! I don't think you are missing anything really! The tennis wasn't that spectacular (as you'd expect really) and neither was the bahviour of a certain few. However, it was still exciting to be around some good players e.g. Hilton, Sherwood, Childs. I had a very brief conversation with Childs but he really did say the bare minimum (I got the feeling he was looking down on me - not just his height!!) The players are not as friendly as the likes of Paradorn, Rainer, Taylor etc - but i suppose that is understandable - satellites are not where you want to be to be earning a living from tennis.

Hope this is helpful - i spent 15 minutes typing this and i am now exhausted!

P.S. I looked at your photos from Wimbledon this year and i noticed you were there the same day as me! Hope you enjoyed the matches despite the annoying rain delays! At least we got to see some tennis though!

ae wowww
10-31-2004, 10:35 AM
Thanks guys --rep winging their way to you!