Open Letter to Chris Chase.. [YAHOO BUSTED RACQUET WRITER]

06-18-2012, 05:48 PM
For some of you who don't know, Chris Chase is the writer for the tennis column in Busted Racquet. He constantly reports false/incomplete/inaccurate information and offers his point of view on tennis notable events. This week wasn't different with the Nalbandian controversy. So after reading his articles - which I am linking below, I decided to E-mail him this letter.

PS. If you do a quick google search on Chris Chase this is what you will get at the top of your screen:

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BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING: This thread is not to discuss how you feel about the incident, we have already discussed this in a separate thread, and we all have different opinions. You might not agree with how I feel about what happened, but please respect that. The point of this thread is to share how I feel about Chris Chase and his constant misinterpretation of information that stain the reputation of the sport and leads to those who are not constant followers of the sport to believe certain stereotypes that aren't necessarily true. While he is entitled to his opinion I am a firm believer that a journalist - or someone who attempts to be one - should include all the relevant information before giving his personal statement on the issue. This guy constantly fails to do so, and is clearly obsessed with condemning and judging people as almost all of his articles have a negative light to them. Thanks!

Hello Chris,*

I am writing you because for quite a while I've had to endure reading your tennis articles on the website. I used to believe that Yahoo was a reliable source, but every time I read an article of yours, I can't help it but second guess myself.*

You might be a tennis fanatic, and you might read a lot about the sport, but it's hard to ignore the fact that is blatantly obvious that a tennis player you are not. If you let me, I'd like to suggest that from now on, you restrain yourself from giving your personal opinion, and please, only stick to reporting facts. (And while you're at it, please try to get them right every now and then - Only God knows how many times you have published false or inaccurate information!)

In your latest work of art, you express how you fervently believe that "He deserves a suspension and a hefty fine for injuring the linesman." Well let me tell you my friend, that what you didn't include in your article (probably because you didn't know it) - it's that David Nalbandian was fined for the total amount of his runner-up prize money, which is over $50.000. (I know, crazy right? probably more than what you make in 2 years.. pre-taxes!) Also, Nalbandian got a zero-pointer in this week's rankings, instead of the points that he earned by making the finals.*

Also, in your June 17th article titled "David Nalbandian defaulted after kicking sign, bloodying linesman" you included this brilliant statement:

“Some people are crediting Nalbandian for his apology, saying he seemed contrite toward the linesman, if not about his actions. Nonsense. By blaming the ATP for pressure and hiding behind the "it was an accident" defense, Nalbandian makes this an even bigger farce.”

Unfortunately, you’re entitled to your opinion just like everybody else is, however, next time that you decide to condemn a professional athlete, it would be nice if you could include all the relevant information concerning the story. Like the fact that the day before playing the semi-finals Nalbandian was forced to play not one, but two three-set matches on wet courts. The night before the final also rained, and the Argentine complained about the conditions however, once again, he was slapped some tape across his mouth, and forced to play. Several top players like Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have gone on record and said that the ATP cares little about the player’s conditions, and that they often find themselves pressured by the organization to the point where they have jeopardized their health and fitness to comply with the ATP mandates. What a farce this Nalbandian guy! Ha! He is concerned about his health!

By no means, I am justifying Nalbandian’s behavior, which is believe was wrong and unacceptable. He deserved to be defaulted from the match, and to be fined and penalized with a zero on his ranking. However, to go beyond that and say that it wasn’t an accident and therefore he deserves to be suspended.. that might be taking it a little too far on your part, as usual. To think that the player had the intentions of harming or injuring the line judge is ridiculous, and everyone who honestly believes that this guy should be banned, doesn’t really understand the sport. This “outburst” comes no where near the recent shows that Serena Williams has put on, the breaking of a bench by World’s number one Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros, the famous tantrums thrown my Fena Gonzalez, or the antics of the self-inflicting pain lovers like Andy Murray and Mikhail Youznhy.

Here, I have included some quotes on the incident by some people that know a thing or two about the sport..

David Felgate, Tim Henman's former coach
"There was no intent to hurt but he took a right foot to that like a penalty kick”
"It is like when players have thrown racquets. Xavier Malisse got defaulted in Miami some years ago when he hit a line judge”
"It is the same situation as when Tim Henman hit the ball and hit a ball girl as she ran across the court."

Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion
"Awkward for Nalbandian as he's letting out steam. What a pity for all."

Fernando Verdasco, world number 16
On Twitter:* "I have never seen anything like it in my life. He wanted to kick the board, not the line judge. It was an accident in my opinion."

Ivo Karlovic, world number 56
"What's the penalty for kicking the chair in the real world?"
Also, Chris Kermode, the tournament director reported to the BBC of London (what some consider an actual reliable source) that: "The line judge was seen and treated by St John's Ambulance. He also saw the doctor, and no further treatment was required."
Now that I am done writing this, I have to come to the conclusion that the only reason why Yahoo has kept you around, has to be because your incompetence is so entertaining that people keep coming back just to have a good laugh..

06-18-2012, 05:54 PM
You have just become another one of his employers. The more you spread his name, the more revenue ie clicks he generates for himself. Be aware of that before starting threads. The less people know about him, the better.

06-18-2012, 06:13 PM
Anyone who hated Nalbandian's actions is a p***y. There is really no two ways about it. You either are p****y or you are not. This event has now set the pretenders apart from contenders. The guy is human. He made a mistake. But assault and bullshit like that... take that to a saint house or whatever

Nole fan
06-18-2012, 06:26 PM
This “outburst” comes no where near the recent shows that Serena Williams has put on, the breaking of a bench by World’s number one Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros, the famous tantrums thrown my Fena Gonzalez, or the antics of the self-inflicting pain lovers like Andy Murray and Mikhail Youznhy.

You think his behavior comes no where near those incidents you describe? You've lost all credibility here. As far as I know no one was INJURED in the other incidents. Don't try to compare them.

06-18-2012, 06:30 PM
The guy was clearly flopping. Go watch the YouTube video. He was making a meal out of it and now he is going to sue. If you can't take the heat, don't go to the kitchen. The guy made a mistake. He is paying thousands in fine. He is embarrassed. When is it enough?

06-18-2012, 06:33 PM
It is a BLOG!!!! He is not a tennis reporter/writer. He is not Mats Wilander, Andrew Castle, Peter Bodo or Steve Tignor.

I don't know why he is put on the same pedestral as above mentioned people.

If you don't like/agree with what he reports or writes, DON'T EVER READ IT! DON'T COMMENT IT! If everyone do the same thing, that blog won't last long.

06-18-2012, 06:34 PM
Your first mistake is starting out saying you have ''had to endure reading'' his articles. Who forced you to continue to read stuff you don't like ''for quite a while''?

Then you jeer at Chase for saying Nalbandian deserves a fine, while withholding the information that he was indeed fined. I imagine the simple answer here is that the article was written before the fine was imposed and that was why Chase did not mention the fine. (Including the bit about Nalbandian earning more than Chase just lowers any impact of your letter. People say this all the time as if it means in this case that Chase has no right to discuss the deeds of someone who earns more money, thinking it makes the reporter look small. It actually makes the letter writer look small for being so petty. imagining that personal slights count for good criticism.)

Finally, you end up as desperate as Nalbandian seems to be in his interview, by suggesting the British weather made him do it! Come on! Do you really think Nalbandian was promised a rain-free week in England, of all places, with no possibility of the schedule having to be adjusted?

And some people don't seem to understand that ATP means Association of Tennis Professionals. So maybe by blaming the ATP, Nalbandian is actually blaming himself, since he is one of them.

I read the articles you linked and your main point seems to be that Chase should include all the relevant info. I think he did.

06-18-2012, 06:42 PM
Malisse didn't actually hit a line judge, she misinterpreted something he said as an insult towards her.

06-18-2012, 06:54 PM
Firstly, I don´t understand the purpose of this "open letter". As you said, he has a right to his opinion, so do you. What are you looking for, support for your own point of view?

Nalbandian was fined for his runner up-prize money, yes. CHase probably feels this is not enough, and let´s face it, that´s not much for Nalby. Chase probably feels "a hefty fine" is something more. He has a right to his opinion. Comparing Nalby´s prize money with Chase´s supposed salary is besides the point, and a cheap shot.

You say you dont try to justify Nalbandian´s behavior, yet you write lenghtly about how he was forced to play so much in such bad conditions, blah blah. All that may be very true, and the ATP is no certainly no saint. But all that is besides the point. It doesn´t explain his behavior, because there are no excuses. Whatever his reasons were, they´re irrelevant. Period.

Comparing this incident with the likes of Djokovic, Gonzalez, Youzhny or Murray is, once again, besides the point. There is one pretty relevant difference; The above mentioned players either hurt no one, or hurt themselves. That´s a big, big difference right there.

Then you quote Felgate (??), Cash, Verdasco and Karlovic, who all seem to defend Dave. Why? DO you think these quotes give you credibility over Chase? Cash doesn´t really defend Dave, the way I see it. His comment doesn´t really say anything. Karlovic and Verdasco are colleagues, and probably friends of Dave. They will never publicly judge him, that´s their way of showing support towards a colleague who screwed up. Who knows what they think privately.

Then you conclude by saying the injuries of the linesman were not bad. Who cares? Nalbandian´s actions are not judged by the severity ( or lack of) or the injuries. It´s the action itself that matters.

So if Chase´s text is stupid in your opinion, I don´t really think your´s is much better. CHase has his opinion, and you have yours. I still don´t see the point of the whole "letter".

06-18-2012, 08:44 PM
This thread is so funny.

06-18-2012, 11:43 PM
No one takes Chris Chase seriously. He's a joke.

06-18-2012, 11:49 PM
Dude. Why are you taking Chris Chase's Yahoo blog seriously? That's like being outraged at the Bleacher Report. Save some IQ points and don't read it.

06-18-2012, 11:57 PM
OP showing acute symptoms of being on the wrong end of a severe trolling

06-19-2012, 12:29 AM
OP, you're like the chris chase of topics

Say Hey Kid
06-19-2012, 12:32 AM
OP....Why are you reading Chris Chase?