Wimbledon should build a 3rd Major Court

06-15-2012, 07:07 PM
I know its never going to happen because Wimbledon is rich and has now intrest in changing but I thought I'd say this anyway,

Doesn't anyone think Wimbledon should build a 3rd Major court, also with a roof so as to let the grass at No.1 and Centre not turn to dust every year. This would not only let the final week be played in proper grass court conditions but furthermore this would increase spectator levels and therefore revenue.

http://wimbledonlawntennischampionship.files.wordpress.co m/2008/11/wimbledon_map.gif

this is the map of Wimbledon so obviously there isn't much space. the best option would be to knock out courts 11 and 12 and build the new large court over the refreshment and bus areas. A new court could always be added near 18. to replace to two courts lost in the development.What do you think? Am I stupid? Or is it a decent idea?