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U.S. Open National Playoffs: May 19-August 25, 2012

06-01-2012, 02:03 AM
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US Open National Playoffs return for third season in 2012
January 26, 2012 12:58 PM

Blake Strode is the two-time US Open National Playoffs men's champion.
The US Open National Playoffs return for their third year in 2012, once again including competition in men’s and women’s singles as well as mixed doubles. The USTA created the US Open National Playoffs in 2010 to expand the footprint of the US Open to cities nationwide by providing the opportunity for all competitors 14 years of age and older—regardless of playing experience or ability—to play in the US Open.

The US Open National Playoffs men’s and women’s singles champions earn wild cards into the US Open Qualifying Tournament, held the week prior to the US Open. The US Open National Playoffs mixed doubles champions receive a main draw wild card into the US Open.

The US Open National Playoffs begin as a series of sectional qualifying tournaments. In 2012, there will be 13 sectional qualifying tournaments held in 13 different USTA sections throughout the country. The 13 men’s, women’s and mixed doubles champions from each sectional qualifying tournament advance to the US Open National Playoffs – Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles Championships, single-elimination events that decide the 2012 champions. For the second consecutive year, all three tournaments will be held in conjunction with the New Haven Open at Yale, presented by First Niagara, a US Open Series event.

"The US Open National Playoffs is about giving players of all abilities the opportunity to dream big and be part of the US Open," says Jon Vegosen, USTA Chairman of the Board and President. "With the option to play singles and mixed doubles, players can compete where they feel the most comfortable on court to have the maximum US Open experience. These tournaments are sanctioned by our committed USTA sections, who will facilitate competition so that all players feel like they had a special connection with the US Open."

Registration for each of the 13 sectional qualifying tournaments begins on March 15 at www.usta.com/tennislink. The entry fee for each of the sectional qualifying tournaments is $100 for singles and $120 for each mixed doubles team ($60 per player). All players competing must have a current USTA membership valid through Aug. 27, 2012.

"For the third year, we again expect strong singles and mixed doubles competition among top junior players, collegians, teaching professionals, ‘weekend warriors’ and recreational players to earn their way into the US Open," says Jeff Ryan, tournament director of the US Open National Playoffs. "The New Haven Open at Yale, presented by First Niagara, will also again serve as an ideal host for the championships, as it is a wonderful setting, never mind extremely convenient, for those winning players to travel to New York for the US Open."

A player may only enter and compete in singles and/or mixed doubles at one sectional qualifying tournament during a calendar year. Players competing in men’s singles or women’s singles and mixed doubles may opt to compete at different sectional qualifying tournaments for each event (one for singles and one for mixed doubles). The draw size at each sectional qualifying tournament will be a maximum of 256 for singles and 128 teams for mixed doubles.

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2012 U.S. Open National Playoffs Schedule:

07-11-2012, 01:57 AM
Southwest (May 19-21):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Brian D. Battistone, Las Vegas, NV
Women's Champion (8 draw): Stephanie M. Vlad, Scottsdale, AZ
Mixed Doubles Champions (4 draw): Nicole Melichar, Stuart, FL/Brian D. Battistone, Las Vegas, NV

Florida (May 26-30):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Eric Hechtman, Miami, FL
Women's Champion (16 draw): sandra m. roma, Naples, FL
Mixed Doubles Champions (4 draw): Megan Fudge, Pinellas Park, FL/Ryler DeHeart, Tampa, FL

Mid-Atlantic (June 2-5):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Matt Brooklyn, Washington D.C.
Women's Champion (32 draw): Nika V. Kukharchuk, Southern Region
Mixed Doubles Champions (16 draw): Sophia H. Abelson, S.E. Michigan/Pjotrs Necajevs, S.E. Michigan

Middle States(June 8-13):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Punch Maleka, Philadelphia
Women's Champion (32 draw): Anna Mamalat, Philadelphia
Mixed Doubles Champions (16 draw): Stephanie J. Smith, Allegheny Mntn./Ron W. Mercer, Allegheny Mntn.

Southern California (June 11-15):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Dante A. Cipulli, Kansas City, MO
Women's Champion (32 draw): Mayo Hibi, Irvine, CA
Mixed Doubles Champions (8 draw): Alison G. Ramos, Carson, CA/West L. Nott, Los Angeles, CA

Eastern (June 11-17):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Nikita Kryvonos, Flushing, NY
Women's Champion (32 draw): Magda Okruashvili, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed Doubles Champions (32 draw): Alison C. Adamski, Jamaica, NY/Keith B. Kessler, Brooklyn, NY

New England (June 14-17):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Nolan C. Paige, Fairfield, CT
Women's Champion (32 draw): Jan Abaza, Boca Raton, FL
Mixed Doubles Champions (32 draw): Meghan Kelley, Falmouth, ME/Daniel Quiceno, Beverly, MA

Texas(June 18-23):
Men's Champion (128 draw): Jon Wiegand, San Antonio, TX
Women's Champion (32 draw): Peggy Porter, Dallas, TX
Mixed Doubles Champions (32 draw): Samantha Adams, Austin, TX/Harrison Adams, Austin, TX

Northern California (June 18-24):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Nicolas Meister, Trabuco Cyn, CA
Women's Champion (16 draw): Giuliana Olmos, Fremont, CA
Mixed Doubles Champions (8 draw): Hilary Barte, Newhall, CA/Nicolas Meister, Trabuco Cyn, CA

Northern (June 21-25):
Men's Champion (16 draw): Evan Song, Henderson, NV
Women's Champion (8 draw): Nyla E. Beenk, Le Claire, IA
Mixed Doubles Champions (8 draw): Jessie Aney, Rochester, MN/Eric Frueh, Rochester, MN

Missouri Valley (June 28-July 1):
Men's Champion (32 draw): Clement Reix, Northern California
Women's Champion (32 draw): Mary Weatherholt, Heart of America
Mixed Doubles Champions (16 draw): Blake Boswell, Oklahoma/Madison Westby, Oklahoma

Midwest (June 30-July 3):
Men's Champion (64 draw): Chris M. Wettengel, Arkansas
Women's Champion (32 draw): Alexandra K. Mueller, Philadelphia
Mixed Doubles Champions (16 draw): Lilia C. Osterloh, Ohio Valley/Josh Osswald, Ohio Valley

Southern (June 29-July 3):
Men's Champion (64 draw): adam J. lee, auckland, NC
Women's Champion (64 draw): Natalie Pluskota, Sharpsburg, GA
Mixed Doubles Champions (32 draw): lindsay lee-waters, Alpharetta, GA/Marcus Hurtig, WOODSTOCK, GA

08-17-2012, 01:27 AM
Men's Draw:

Order of Play, Friday, August 17:

08-18-2012, 12:36 AM
Friday, August 17

(1) Clement Reix FRA/bye
Brian Battistone USA d. Evan Song USA 36 75 60
(3) Nikita Kryvonos USA/bye
Punch Maleka RSA d. Nolan Paige USA 64 76(6)
Eric Hechtman USA d. Adam Lee NZL 64 62
Dante Cipulli ARG d. (4) Chris Wettengel USA 75 75
Jon Weigand USA d. Matthew Brooklyn GBR 63 57 64
(2) Nicolas Meister USA/bye

Order of Play, Saturday, August 18:

08-18-2012, 10:22 PM
Saturday, August 18

(1) Clement Reix FRA d. Brian Battistone USA 62 62
(3) Nikita Kryvonos USA d. Punch Maleka RSA 46 75 63
Eric Hechtman USA d. Dante Cipulli ARG 64 64
(2) Nicolas Meister USA d. Jon Weigand USA 61 46 63

Order of Play, Sunday, August 19:

08-19-2012, 10:09 PM
Sunday, August 19

(1) Clement Reix FRA d. (3) Nikita Kryvonos 62 64
(2) Nicolas Meister USA d. Eric Hechtman USA 64 62

Order of Play, Monday, August 20:

08-20-2012, 10:21 PM
Monday, August 20

(1) Clement Reix FRA d. (2) Nicolas Meister USA 62 63

Third Place Match:
Eric Hechtman USA d. (3) Nikita Kryvonos USA walkover