Klizan, M vs. Dancevic, F

05-25-2012, 02:41 PM
This is a good solid draw for Klizan, but Dancevic actually can play on the clay. It will be probably tough, but if Klizan is playing his game based on forehand pressure, he should win it. Possible 5-setter also favors him, he is in great form and shape now. Not so sure about Dancevic. But it´s definitely not a cakewalk. Klizan has a good chance also in R2 vs. Mahut/Roddick. Handle your business Martin, now it´s time for it! For now, I say Klizan in 4.

05-25-2012, 02:45 PM
Klizan in 4

05-25-2012, 03:13 PM
Dancevic has been off with a back injury and according to one report only recently started hitting again. I rather doubt that he comes to RG with any thought of actually winning a match.

But who knows - maybe that will mean he will just hit freely.