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Returning to courts after 6 years

05-20-2012, 07:34 PM
Hi there!
I returned to play tennis again after 6 years out of courts. I used to train and play competitive tennis in the past (I wanted to become a tennis pro when I was a teenager and kept playing high level tournaments until my late 20ties). I kept playing sporadically until my mid 30ties and completely abandoned the game then.

Im 41 years old now and I started to play tennis again. I started with a trainer and after five weeks I started to play some games with other people. Surprisingly Im finding that my strokes are still there but upset to see that Im unable to do the things I used to hit my down the line two handed backhand and their passing shots as I used to do in the past. Im a bit frustrated with that as my two handed backhand was really good. And my reactions on the court are not the same either as well as when Im moved to the open sides of the court. Im a bit frustrated with that but I guess that its normal and have to get used to it as I didnt play for a long time and my age I guess is not the same as in the old days :).

But generally speaking my shots are still there. Im trying to readapt my game shortening points and serving and volleying a much more than I used to do in the past where basically I used to enjoy to control the points from the back with an aggresive forehand and down the line backhand and my speed was mainly the key. Now I have to think much more, work the points a bit more and work on my opponent limitations than I used to do in the past where mainly everything depended of me.

Did anyone of you that compete on a high level in the past found some sort of limitations as the years went by and had to readapt their game to new situations?

Well, mainly I wanted to share my thoughs with MTF community and the ones that play/played tennis besides of comments about the tour.