Tennis of today vs previous eras

06-18-2011, 01:56 PM
I've managed to find a few of my old man's video's in the cupboard, of some Wimbledon finals (win!), and one thing stands out. Back then, and I'm talking late 80's, it was just a race for who could get to the net first. Every single point was a serve and volley, every one!! I obviously knew S&V was the main point of attack back then, but I had no idea it was EVERY point! Even on weak second serves, middle of the box, they still came in. The average rally length was about 3 shots. Was this for every player, or just the top players, because it seemed that all the top players played this way. Maybe the lower ranked guys had different games, but you only see the successful players coming in behind each serve.

It's fascinating to watch. It's certainly very interesting, and I'm enjoying it, but I much prefer the baseline exchanges that we have today. Previous eras it was all S&V, now it's all baseline duels, ideally there's a mix of S&V and baseliners, but what does everyone else think? I guess after Sampras retired, so did this style of play. I'm a little bit staggering at watching these old vids discovering that every single point, and I mean every one, was a case of serving and volleying!

06-18-2011, 02:34 PM
True grass tennis is like this. They had rallies off grass. The big difference between surfaces made it far more interesting. These days you wonder why the season is so long when the surface plays the same every week.