German future: Fürth - Struff beats Stebe 6:7 6:3 6:3

06-02-2011, 09:25 PM
Today Jan-Lennard Struff beat Cedric-Marcel Stebe in Fürth. Most interesting fact for me: Stebe saved 16 of 17 break points to win 1st set.

Perhaps we will see them in Top 100 next year.

Filo V.
06-02-2011, 09:25 PM
Good win for Struff, but now it's time for experienced German Greul to take him out.

06-02-2011, 09:30 PM
He beat also Serra in R1. Apparently we managed to find out Serra considered retiring from tennis in the near future.

Sombrerero loco
06-02-2011, 10:34 PM
i wanted stebe to win this, but its okay...