YOURTEAM-TOURN4.and.2011/2012.Championship-ALERT!!! [Archive] -


02-14-2011, 12:06 PM

Due a few number of participants in SERIE B, in TOURN 2 and TOURN 3, the MANAGEMENT of YOURTEAM.COM Football GAME will do the following changes to TOURN 4 and 2011/2012 CHAMPIONSHIP:

a) In TOURN 4 SERIE A, the 3 (three) worst teams will play SERIE B in 2011/2012 Championship Tourn 1.

b) In TOURN 4 SERIE B, only the 4 first teams will play SERIE A in 2011/2012 Championship Tourn 1.

c) In YOURTEAM 2011/2012 CHAMPIONSHIP we will have 4 GROUPS (4 teams each one), ok?

This new rules are necessary to equilibrate the number of participantes in SERIE A and SERIE B.

Thanks for compreehension!

Eli and Dexter