WWW Brisbane R1: Dolgopolov v Andreev

Filo V.
01-02-2011, 12:01 AM
Two clay-court oriented players, one on the upswing, one on the downswing. Who do you think starts 2011 with a victory?

01-02-2011, 12:05 AM
igor needs it more so hopefully igor.

01-02-2011, 12:05 AM
I think Dolgopolov in 2 sets.

01-02-2011, 12:54 AM
The one that fixes a lot will win.

01-02-2011, 12:55 AM
Andreev in 3.

Clay Death
01-02-2011, 12:56 AM
and i will take dolgo. a talented player who is slowly improving.

01-02-2011, 12:59 AM
Interesting match, I think Andreev will nick it in 2....Winner of this plays the winner of Roddicks match