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Daily US Open prediction challenge

08-26-2010, 10:50 PM
Please read below. drawchallenge.webs.com needs one more person to enter. If you are interested please send an email to drawchallenge@yahoo.com .
There may be up to 3 openings, but probably 1. Whoever is the first to send an email saying that they would like to enter will be accepted as a qualifier and the 4th seed. Check out drawchallenge.webs.com to see standings and rules.

Each person will pick one men's match from Ashe, Armstrong, Grandstand, and Court 4 each day. There will usually be 2 or 3 matches each day on a particular court and you can pick any one. The picks must be sent each day to drawchallenge@yahoo.com before play begins. The OOP will be at USOPEN.org. The first round will be the first week, days 1-7. There will be 4 matches each day, for a total of 28 matches. The round of the match does not matter unless there is a tie. In that case, whoever had more 3rd round correct, and if that is tied, whoever had more 2nd round correct etc...(if there is no mens match on court 4 on a particular day (i doubt it) you may pick a match from any court to replace it) 28 MATCHES

Round 2 rules- There will be a head to head with the winners and losers. The round of 16 begins that Monday. At that point you may pick any 4 matches regardless of court. On Wednesday, the round of 8 begins. At that point you will pick all 4 matches . And both semis on Saturday. And the final. Essentially, you will pick all 15 matches in week 2. 15 MATCHES

Kind of hard to explain, if you have any questions, please post a comment


1 vs 4

2vs 3

Winners for 1st (loser gets 2nd)

Losers for 3rd ( loser get 4th)

For overall standings winner gets 40 points

2nd gets 30 points

3rd gets 20 points

4th gets 10 points