Denial no more ?

06-30-2010, 04:19 PM
Roger's game started to show signs of deterioration after the AO 2007. Each year since 2006 he has had more and more losses, and fewer and fewer tournament wins. This was partially offset by grand slam success.

I believe that Roger and some of his fans were in denial that his game was falling farther than they realized.

It must be becoming obvious to all that not only is he no longer "Ninja Fed", but since AO 10, Roger isn't even a top 5 player anymore, and therefore unlikely to win anymore slams (unless he rededicates himself to the sport).

Players can always make comebacks, but not while they are in denial.

I am hoping Roger rededicates himself to the sport, to get his skill level back up enough to win a couple of more slams, but if not, I doubt he has any more slams in him. It's no fluke he is losing to guys he used to dominate.