Radio Wimbledon qualifying podcast - your questions please!

06-13-2010, 02:54 PM
Hello all

Like the last four years, I will be covering the Wimbledon qualifying tournament this week at Roehampton, interviewing players for the Radio Wimbledon daily podcast that is available for free download from the official Wimbledon website.

I would like to make the podcast more interactive this time around ... with questions from fans! :)

Obviously, I won't be able to interview every match winner at qualifying - just a few of them each day ... but if there is a player you see on the qualifying order of play who you would like to ask a question (it can be on any topic) I will try to ask it for you and include it in the official Radio Wimbledon podcast!

Qualifying starts this Monday 14 June. Please submit your player questions either via this forum thread or if you are on twitter, to my address there: @guy_mccrea