Playing the national athemn of the winner? Only at Roland Garros?

06-06-2010, 03:53 PM
Watching Nadal's victory speech and hearing the spanish national athemn made me wonder, why doesn't any of the other slams do this?

I'm not too sure about Wimbledon but I'm very positive they don't do this at Melbourne or the US Open.

Honestly, I feel the crowds at the US Open could do with a bit of "internationalism" from hearing the national athemn of the winning player. They always sing the US national athemn every single year (The only slam to do this) god knows why.. when there is no way an American is winning the US Open and then they refuse to play the anthemn of the winner?

I feel not playing the athemn is simply just blatant nationalism on part of the host country. Maybe the US Open officials think the US crowds cannot handle hearing an foreign athemn? I don't think the typical American is anymore nationalist than the typical Brit or Spaniard but they really need to show it better.