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Taylor Dent Needs to Adjust his training and his game

09-09-2004, 04:48 PM
So we all saw Taylor Dent lose at the US Open. Yes it was a close match and yes he played his standard game. But I believe he is either going to get in better shape and he is going to have to change his game for him to crack the top 10.
First of all he is too heavy. I would say he is carrying about 10-15 pounds of extra weight. You can see it in his thighs. Midsection, and even in his face. He is trying to serve and volley and come on on every point that he can. To do this and carry 15lb of extra weight is sucicide!! He is going to be a step slow on every side and will not be able to reach balls that he should.

If he thinks the extra weight is going to help his serve he should think again. He may get one or two more MPH but when his serve comes back, and it will when he plays the best players, he is not going to get to volleys that he should.

Second he needs to work on his baseline game. NO ONE can come in on every point. Not even John McEnroe came in on every ball. Taylor needs to work the point and then when he gets the short ball then come in.

I read a recent article about how Taylor does not even practice his groundies before a match. He is just serves and volleys. Hey Taylor you do have to return the other players serve and so you will need to hit some strokes.

He is missing a big point!! If he used the power in his body to hit his strokes harder think how fast they would be coming off of his racquet. He is a big body guy, like a football tight end. And the tight end does not expect to out run the split ends. He uses his body to run over people when he gets the ball. Taylor should start to do the same- use the power in his body to really pound his groundies until he gets the short ball, and then he can take the net.

Maybe sit back and watch Roddick hit his forehand and see the damage is does during a match.

Coach Kent

09-09-2004, 04:55 PM
I like the guy, but he plays old tennis! 10 years ago he could have a chance to enter the top 10...