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Rome Masters 'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em contest

04-24-2010, 02:27 PM
The ROME MASTERS 'BATTLE OF THE BOARDS' PICK 'EM contest is open for entries at

Entries will close tomorrow, Sunday, at 11.00 GMT / 13.00 CET / 7 am US EDT.

We run these competitions for all of the slams and about half of the Masters events - it works like FITD on here or the ATP Bracket Challenge (so you can enter in a couple of minutes by re-using your picks for either of those contests) but with a different scoring system (which balances the effects of rounds a bit more) and a team element - as well as playing for the individual title, you can compete against,,,, etc, to help MTF to win the team title too.

There is also a Hall of Fame and an overall year-round ranking system - your best 7 scores from up to 9 tournaments count, with slam scores allowed to count twice, so you actually end up counting 7 scores from 13.

While anyone who enters will count towards the individual competition, you need at least five entrants for MTF to end up counting as a full team - you usually manage that fairly easily though and you actually won the last contest in Miami - in fact you retained the title there, which was highly impressive!

Good luck!