3 matches between eras you would like to see happen

04-21-2010, 05:13 PM
All this talk about eras made me think of great matches that no one could ever see because sadly most legends didnt play each other, if you could just pretend a player would be born at another date and play in another era, which 3 matches would you like to see in this alternative universe?

Let me show you, my first dream match would be between a 28 year old Laver 1967 (probably his best year) and Federer at the age he was 2006, but instead beeing born 1942 and grown up playing with a wooden raquet. They would play for the Wimbledon pro title, ofcourse. I imagine this match beeing the most elegant and beautiful tennis you could ever see on a tennis court, with both players having alot of variation, really playing with each other (kind of like Santoro-Federer, but actually competitive).

2nd dream match would be Borg born 1984 playing Nadal in the RG 2008 final with modern raquets. That would be both playing at the age they hit their absolute prime. I can imagine this match beeing the longest ever played in the history of the sport, I would imagine Borg beeing an even greater athlete in this era and the rallys going on forever. Just the most amazing claycourt tennis the world has ever seen.

3rd dream match would be a US OPEN final between Pancho Gonzalez and Pete Sampras with modern raquets. I would have them both be above their 30s, because I really came to kind of appreciate Sampras only when he got really old and I like the emotional roller coaster of a match between 2 old guys with their last oppurtunity to chase records. Both are introverts and incredibly competitive, both are serve and volleyers with huge serves which really explode when they come to important points of the match. This would be a dream match only for the emotions and excitement the match would trigger, with the american crowd really loud and totaly into the match. You could just aswell put Agassi and Connors out there at their mid 30s, but I think they are more tier 2 kind of legends so Sampras and Gonzalez is more exciting.

04-21-2010, 05:21 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure for the sake of comparing greats, those matchups you listed, except possibly the 3rd one, are what people have in mind.

For sure any matchup involving peak Laver/Sampras/Federer on grass particularly would be the most interesting.

A Borg/Lendl/Nadal matchup would also be quite intriguing however if it was Muster/Kuerten vs Nadal, that would also be just as good to watch.

Other matchups I would of loved to see are:

Connors vs Hewitt
Sampras vs Nadal (hard/grass)
McEnroe vs Federer
McEnroe vs Nadal
McEnroe vs Sampras (I know they have played, but McEnroe was clearly not the player he was pre-1985)
McEnroe vs Laver
Federer vs Wilander (now let's see who has the balls :p)

I have a bunch more in mind, but it would be unending :p

04-21-2010, 05:23 PM
I'm a little too young to answer to such question but I know that I would have love to see a match on clay between Kuerten at his best and Nadal.

04-21-2010, 05:23 PM
Jimbo Connors vs Federer!
Jimbo vs Nadal