Marsel Ilhan, future torment of Britain?

andy neyer
04-21-2010, 05:23 AM
I don't know much about this guy and I've never seen him play but apparently he's been making some good progress lately. He's 22 years old and hopefully will get into the top 100 soon.
Wikipedia says he was the first Turkish player to qualify to a GS (he did it last yeat at the USO) and to win a GS match (first round in five sets against O. Rochus) and the Telegraph mentions that when Ilhan was growing up in Uzbekistan, there were times when he could not practise because his family could not afford to string his rackets. So, all in all, I guess he's not your typical tennis player (considering most come from Western middle class families).

As for the DC clash against Britain, Marsel said: “We could make some big history by beating Britain, that would be a surprise for the Turkish people. I will try to do everything to win".

I actually think it would be good on the long term for the Brits if Turkey were to defeat them. It could bring some needed change in the leadership of the British Federation.

Oh, here's the Telegraph article btw: