BsAs Qualy Round1 Ramirez Hidalgo def Polansky 64 36 76 (6)

02-14-2010, 12:14 AM
I dont know how many of you care about this match, but one of the highest quality matches on qualies Ive ever seen :eek:

Polansky was a winner machine today, Ramirez Hidalgo was a wall. So much drama involved, I went completely crazy :spit:

Polansky had 2 break points at 5-5 third set, went for winners on devolution on both :o

Tiebreak was 5-5, lineman called a ball out I think 80% of the crowd shouted :spit: The ball was clearly in. Polansky went for winner again in match point :o. Luckiest point of the match came at 6-6.

Ramirez Hidalgo was such an ass today :o

If Polansky had a game plan for each match he could easily crack the top 30.