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before 1990 ???

02-10-2010, 09:40 AM
Hi Guys!

I'm looking for an information since severel months in the internet, but couldn't find anything!!
So I'm trying it here now...

you all know that the Super Nine Series (the Masters Series today) was established in 1990, the Championship Series (the 500ers today), too.
But what was before 1990? I think that the Nabisco Circuit or/and the WCT Circuit also had tournament levels. Indian Wells, for example, gave more ranking points than Adelaide for sure!
The only thing I've found about those categories is information on Ivan Lendl's wiki-page!
there is a "super series" und a "regular series" mentioned. The WCT Tournaments are put together with the super series, but both are not as high as the later established super nine series, but as the 500-middle-level!
Does anybody know something about that?
Or does anybody know where I can find an old ranking points list, where you can see how much points every tournament gave in these years...?

Thank you very much und sorry for my English!

02-10-2010, 10:01 AM ( gives a good numerical summary of ranking systems used since 1996 (including bonus points) although I'm not entirely convinced of its accuracy. I gathered information about previous ranking systems using player activities on the ATP website (

Since the beginning of 1995, the site has included the points won for each tournament. For example, see Edberg's playing activity ( and that he received 55 ranking points for his quarter-finals effort at the 1985 Australian Open.

OK, now the plug. Here's an article ( I wrote about the ATP ranking systems since 1985.