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Qualifying Entry List (updated February 19, 2010)

02-02-2010, 03:39 PM
Entry deadline: February 1, 2010
Seeding: February 15, 2010

OUT Kubot, Lukasz POL 61 (to MD)
OUT Luczak, Peter AUS 73 (to MD)
OUT Gimeno-Traver, Daniel ESP 78 (to MD)
4 Schwank, Eduardo ARG 79
5 Massu, Nicolas CHI 98
OUT Ventura, Santiago ESP 107
OUT Granollers, Marcel ESP 112
8 Levy, Harel ISR 118
9 Crivoi, Victor ROU 120
10 Martin, Alberto ESP 129
OUT Dabul, Brian ARG 148
12 Decoud, Sebastian ARG 152
OUT Ramirez Hidalgo, Ruben ESP 156
14 (WC) Elizondo, Juan-Manuel MEX
15 (WC) Diaz-Barriga, Luis MEX
16 (WC) Astorga, Mauricio MEX
(ALT) Romero, Victor MEX (replaces Dabul)

OUT Silva, Julio BRA 160
IN Gaudio, Gaston ARG 173
OUT Salamanca, Carlos COL 177
OUT Delgado, Ramon PAR 189
IN Junqueira, Diego ARG 190
OUT Del Bonis, Federico ARG 195
OUT Souza, Joao BRA 208
OUT Polansky, Peter CAN 209
OUT Volandri, Filippo ITA 211
OUT Berlocq, Carlos ARG @220
OUT Aguilar, Jorge CHI 223
OUT Felder, Marcel URU 231
OUT Okun, Noam ISR 247
OUT Aranguren, Juan-Martin ARG 257
OUT Tavares, Leonardo POR 282
OUT Berlocq, Carlos ARG 293
OUT Statham, Jose (Rubin) NZL 296
OUT Dutra Da Silva, Rogerio BRA 309
OUT Klec, Ivo SVK 326
OUT Kretschmer, Gero GER 332
OUT Bagnis, Facundo ARG 349
OUT Junaid, Rameez AUS 360
OUT Gallardo-Valles, Miguel MEX 384
OUT Alvarez, Diego ARG 385
OUT Valverde, Juan-Manuel ARG 387
IN Rodriguez, Bruno MEX 403
OUT Viola, Matteo ITA 406
OUT Molchanov, Denys UKR 432
OUT Jakupovic, Alexandros GRE 465
OUT Nunez, Eric USA 539
OUT Garcia, Adrian CHI 575
OUT Weintraub, Amir ISR 579
OUT Roshan, Nima AUS 608
OUT Obradovic, Vladimir SRB 609
OUT Martin, Fabrice FRA 633
IN Marach, Oliver AUT 649
OUT Pavlovs, Deniss LAT 773
IN Fruttero, John Paul USA 782
IN Sanchez, Manuel MEX 1314
OUT Motti, Alessandro ITA 32750

02-16-2010, 03:35 AM
hope that enter in the qaly Fede.. gaston..George And Peter :rocker.

02-18-2010, 07:14 PM
OUT - Gimeno-Traver, Luczak (and Silva, Salamanca, Delgado, Del Bonis, Souza, Polansky, Volandri, Berlocq, Aguilar, Felder, Okun, Aranguren from ALT)
IN - Gaudio, Junqueira
NEXT - Tavares, Dutra Da Silva, Klec

Ad Wim
02-18-2010, 07:16 PM
Why are all these alternates OUT? There is no challenger in the coming week...

02-19-2010, 05:34 PM
Acapulco (SE Cleared)
OUT - Mathieu, Acasuso, Monfils, Nalbandian (and Koellerer, Gabashvili, Levine from ALT)
IN - Gimeno-Traver, Chela, Luczak, Kubot, Daniel
NEXT - Schwank, Vassallo Arguello, Ventura

Acapulco Qualifying
OUT - Gimeno-Traver, Luczak, Kubot, Ventura, Granollers, Dabul, Ramirez-Hildalgo (and Silva, Salamanca, Delgado, Del Bonis, Souza, Polansky, Volandri, Berlocq, Aguilar, Felder, Okun, Aranguren, Tavares from ALT)
IN - Gaudio, Junqueira, Rodriguez, Molchanov, Marach, Fruttero, Sanchez
NEXT - None!

02-19-2010, 07:21 PM
Why Silva and Souza are out of the qualifying? it would be a great opportunity for them... :sad:

02-19-2010, 08:26 PM
Nagime, you can look at this forum - http://www.tenisnews.com.br/forum/showthread.php?p=150790#post150790 - Souza injured himself at buenos aires qualies

02-23-2010, 02:35 AM
I wonder why Cesar Ramirez got a WC for doubles but not at least one for qualifying :confused: