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2010 Australian Open 'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em contest

01-15-2010, 05:06 AM
For people who haven't played this before, this competition works much the same as the 'fill in the draw' competition on here or the ATP bracket challenge (which doesn't seem to start until Indian Wells this year) but it has a team element (you can choose to play for MTF without needing to be picked by anyone, it's just a bit of fun!) and overall yearly rankings (based on slams and a few of the Masters events) and entrants from MTF have won some of these comps in the past.

Indeed, if you enter FITD on MTF, you can enter the same picks into this competition just by ticking boxes against your picks on our entry form and get the best of both worlds from your research!

If people here are entering, it might be worth posting here so that people know who'll they'll be playing with, though there is an individual competition as well as the team bit.


"Be there or risk retaining your sanity for the next two weeks"

The entry form for the Australian Open 'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em is now available via http://www.britishtennis.net/competitions.html


The main draw starts at midnight UK time on Sunday night, so entries will close on Sunday at 23.59 GMT, which is 6.59 PM US Eastern, 11.00 Monday Melbourne time and 00.59 Monday CET.


Qualifying is due to finish on Saturday. If it does, the entry form with qualifiers placed will be available by around noon GMT on Saturday. You are of course welcome to enter before that and pick for matches involving qualifiers without knowing who they are if you want to.


Email reminders to those past participants who asked for them will be going out sometime on Friday, or on Saturday afternoon to those who asked to be reminded only when qualifiers have been placed.

GOOD LUCK! (this is going to be a tough one to pick, so you'll probably need it ...)