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Junior grand slams in the 70s-80s - Noah 1977

10-22-2009, 09:52 AM
Hello :)

Can someone help me to find infos about junior grand slams in the 70s-80s ?

More precisely, my question is about Yannick Noah (my childhood idol :hearts:) : I can read everywhere on biographic-journalistic websites that he won Wimbledon in juniors in 1977.

But on the ITF website the grand slam winner is Van Winistky (USA) :


and on the tournament website, you have the result of the final and Van Winistky beat Teltscher :


I thought that maybe he won Wimbledon juniors in ... doubles, but there's no "boys doubles" winner on the official website before 1982.

Then where could I find (ideally :cool:) the draws for Wimbledon juniors in that time ?

And is there some truth in this allegation on websites ? Where does this assertion come from ?

Thanks for any help on this topic :worship:

10-22-2009, 01:49 PM
Actually I found something : on the ITF website, if you look at the "calendar", you cannot get the draws of the tournaments before 1991

... but if you search for a player (for instance here Noah), you can get some results in the "activity" file.

I don't think you can get every result (for instance maybe Noah played more junior tournaments than what's written, and I got nothing for John McEnroe ... despite he won RG junior tournament)

but you can get something :

for instance for Noah I found that he lost in Round 16 of Wimbledon 1977 to Van Winistky ... who eventually won the tournament :


(you have to change the dates : here 01/01/1976 to 01/01/1979 for instance)

As I said, at least a hundred websites say that he won Wimbledon junior that year :rolleyes: :haha: