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09-29-2009, 11:19 AM
Welcome to Onlinetennis!
Onlinetennis is a massive multiplayer game, in which you play the part of a virtual tennis
player. So you can train, change your tactics, study statistics and last but not least you can
take part in tournaments until you can hear: “Game, set and match!”
Step by step you walk upwards through the trainee tournaments until you play in Wimbledon
or until you are the leader in the entrylist.
But remember: Thousands of players of the whole world follow the same goal! iche Ziel!

How do I play Onlinetennis?
The game is controlled by your browser. You can do all your game settings by a menu which
appears after you logged in with your data.
You'll get these data after your registration via e-mail.

You can find the following types of tournaments at Onlinetennis:
Here you can find the biggest tournaments on the tour, accordingly the top players start
here. You should have earned some points and experience before enrolling; otherwise you’ll
have no chance to be part of the competitors.
This is the second category after the ATP tournaments. These tournaments may help you
along for a great career.
The next smaller category of tournaments. They are ideal for rising newcomers. Some good
results in this category may sling you upwards to the Challenger tour.
Trainee tour:
Here you can find many young players trying to earn some points for the entry ranking.
This is the smallest category of tournaments. It’s hard to earn some points here, but you
can gather your first experiences. The advantage of the entries is that many players can
join them. When you have earned some points you may try to jump up to the trainee tour.
National Championship:
In contrast to the other tournaments you cannot earn any points for the entry ranking here,
but you can attract attention in your country. Of course you can take part only in your own

The first tournaments
For the first tournaments there are some things you should pay attention to for not getting
problems at once. First of all note that you have to enter for a tournament two (game) weeks
before the beginning of the tournament, because the draw for the first round is done one week
before. While choosing a tournament you should pay attention that you get the permission to
take part. The players are set according to their position in the ranking. If there are (in a
tournament for 32 participants) more than 32 better ranked players you better should enter in
another tournament. The moment of entering is irrelevant. So you should check before draw if
you can manage the cut. Therefore you should first take part in smaller tournaments to collect
some points to improve your position in the ranking. So you will have chances to enter the
draw of one of the bigger tournaments.

I'm sure that few users this forum was playing or is playing this game ; >