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2009 US Open 'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em contest

08-28-2009, 11:32 AM
The US OPEN 'BATTLE OF THE BOARDS' PICK 'EM contest is now open for entries at http://www.britishtennis.net/Competitions.html - qualifiers are likely to be placed overnight tonight European time if qualifying finishes today as scheduled.

Entries will close at 15.00 GMT / 17.00 CET / 11 am US EDT on MONDAY.

The competition works like FITD on here or the ATP Bracket Challenge (so you can enter in a couple of minutes by re-using your picks for either of those contests) but with a different scoring system which balances the effects of rounds a bit more and a team element - as well as playing for the individual title, you can compete against RogerFederer.com, AndyMurray.com, AndyRoddick.com, BritishTennis.net, etc, to help MTF to win the team title too.

There is also a Hall of Fame and an overall year-round ranking system - your best 7 scores from up to 9 tournaments count, with slam scores allowed to count twice, so you actually end up counting 7 scores from 13. For, those of you who have played before, the new overall rankings can be found at http://www.britishtennis.net/pickem/ranking.htm?n=1 and you can find out who your ATP 'twin' is at http://www.britishtennis.net/pickem/ranktwin.htm?n=1

There is an entry limit of 500, with the top 250 in the overall rankings getting automatic entry as long as they get their picks in before the deadline shown above and other entrants being accepted on a first-come first-served basis. With c. 450 entrants for each of the last three slams, it's not impossible that we will hit the limit this time, though my guess is that we will be in the 400-500 entrant range again and everyone who wants to get in will get in.

MTF won Miami BOTB this year, but finished last at RG, 12th/15 in the Wimbledon version of this contest (with ycpg your top finisher in 11th/448) and 11th/13 in Montréal, so a return to form is a bit overdue! Björki is the top MTFer in the individual overall rankings with amalyn not far behind.

In case you missed it last time, Jaydu from the andymurray.com team has come up with a 'Muppet detector' if you need some inspiration!


Definition of Muppet:

(1) a type of puppet
(2) a tennis player of huge but flaky talent who habitually flops when you pick him then has a wonder run just when you've finally given up on him and put him out in R1, thus starting the whole sorry cycle off all over again ...

Good luck! :)

08-30-2009, 01:48 AM
Thankfully qualifying did finish tonight and as quite a few people seem to have already noticed, the entry form with qualifiers placed is now available at http://www.britishtennis.net/competitions.html

Winner picks from BOTB pick 'em entries before qualifiers placed: Fed 58%, Muzza 26%, Rafa, Duckboy & Potty 5% each, Nole 1% ...

Also, andymurray.com, Team CC, the Feddies, Tennisopolis, BritishTennis.net & TalkAboutTennis.com are all at or above the minimum team size threshold already, even before the post qualies rush starts, while MTF & Rusedski.co.uk each have 4 entrants so need at least one more, half a dozen more teams already have 2 or 3 and five more teams have 1.

With entries due to close at 15.00 GMT on Monday, there are about 37 hours to go at the time of writing, so good luck!

08-30-2009, 11:03 AM
You might have been surprised to find Federico Zeballos of Bolivia on the entry form after qualifiers were placed, playing fellow qualifier Michael Berrer in R1. I was, but was too tired to investigate in the early hours of this morning, so thank you to wolf of the BT.net team for noticing and alerting me to it again.

Anyway, that's what it said (and still says) on the USO site, and the link from the draw there even goes to a bio of Federico WR 1326 (who got double bagelled by Gaston Giussani in R2 of the Santa Cruz Future in Bolivia this week and may be wondering if he can give up his wild card into the Cochabamba Future this coming week in order to fly to New York LOL), but the Zeballos who qualified was actually Horacio Zeballos of Argentina WR 76!

I've changed the entry form now (the ATP BC and USO site BC forms are still wrong at the time of writing, worth bearing in mind if you're entering them too), but it won't affect you unless you picked Berrer would beat Federico and you now think Berrer will lose to Horacio, in which case you might want to re-enter - if so, please pick "RE" from the type of entry box to ensure that we look for your old entry and overwrite it.

9/51 entrants since qualifiers were placed picked Federico to beat Berrer, but I'm guessing they just read it as if it was the other Zeballos anyway! :-)

08-30-2009, 11:04 AM
6 MTFers in so far, so you're already above the threshold for counting as a full team. The more the merrier though :-) still over 24 hours to go.